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alexh1000October 6, 2012


I spent years working on main room adding flooring, trim, rebuilt the staircase with wood treads etc. and now I'm ready to furnish. I suppose the style I'm going for is European but since the trim and flooring was done in a more refined manner rather than rustic (I didn't think I could get away with rustic trim on this house) I have to be careful - I think I have to walk a fine line between farmhouse rustic and overly refined. I have shown a couple of pieces that might work well.

Also, many years ago we purchased the oil painting you see (there are several more in the hallway visible from this room). The gold frames might be a little overbearing and I'm having real difficulty choosing a frame for a mirror and I would like to replace the picture you see with something that fits the space better.

Ignore all of the current furniture. The curtains are temporary.

On this wall, I would like to place a console and possibly add curtains from the top window. I once saw curtains on a double window like this where the heavy decorative upper rod held a print fabric that was tied off at the bottom and another very light rod above the lower window held the white transparent fabric. The problem with this room is that it is not that large but it has 18' ceilings so it may need some color near the top at least on ths wall.

I can get rid of the blinds or add shutters.

On this wall I was thinking of a setee with wood frame and possibly a similar chair with wood frame with small table between. A couple of retailers in my area have these with many fabric choices. The space between the 2 windows is 10' and a setee is about 6', chair 28" so I think it could fit (I'll put down some shapes to verify). I'm planning on placing a new picture that fits that space better. The dining table on the right can be moved to the right 2'.

On this wall I would like to place a demilune table with a mirror above. I plan to add a second sconce and move the existing one outboard a little. This is the mirror for which I have been laboring over the frame selection. There are many golds with a more subdued or aged hue that might work.

Here are some examples of pieces I have selected. Hopefully it's OK to post these.

Thanks for any help, I'm afraid I will labor over these decisions for another year or more!

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I absolutely love the new pieces you've selected and think they'll be beautiful in the room! I would definitely add shutters, preferably in a stain color close to the furniture you've chosen. IMO, white shutters would be overdone(because of all the white trim)whereas the stained would continue the classic elegance tou seem to be heading toward.

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I see European Country in your room, which isn't rustic and doesn't scream country. The walls are the perfect color along with trim.

The furniture you have picked out is a great match for that style.

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