Pricing for Custom Window Treatments

onelady1dog2girlsOctober 5, 2012

Hello, everyone. We have been living without window treatments for years and recently finished a great deal of remodeling. Over the course of 3 months, I've pounced on every Joann sale and purchased fabric for almost every window in the house. Anyway, I found a seamstress and she quoted me some pricing to do the window treatments. I have no clue what is competive pricing in this area. My sense is that these are fair prices, but I am reluctant to start b/c we have so many rooms to complete. Can you give me a sense for these prices? Thanks in advance for your insights.

Living room & dining room 12 yards fabric per room $225 per room to make them (these would both be euro pleated curtains for two 3.5 foot wide windows)

Kitchen - add new top to panels to existing sheers and new valance. $200 to make and 4 yards fabric needed

Girl�s bath 1.25 yards (one 3 foot wide small flat roman) $100

Girl�s bedroom 2 yards(one 3.5 foot wide flat roman) $150

Guest room 4 yards (two windows, each flat romans) $300

Homework room 2 yards $150

Master Bedroom 12 yards $225 again two windows with euro pinch pleats

coverlet 6 yards per side $150 to make

3 euro shams 2.5 yards total $35 each

Master bath 2.5 yards (86" wide picture window - flat roman shade) $235

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I think you will have a better chance of getting helpful information if you tell us where you are located.

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I quickly looked at your prices. Years ago I looked into custom window treatments and they were much much more than what you are quoting. However, I am in Westchester County.
Why not find a custom window treatment compnay in your area and ask them what it would cost? They should be fine with using your fabric. Then you can compare pricing. I am sure they will be much higher.
Have you seen this woman's work? You could have her start with the girls bath roman and see how you like her work.

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I paid $1800 for one valance in CT.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Yow! I'm in the wrong business.....$1800 for a valance!

I'd be happy to make your valance for only $1500!

Considering I've made all the window treatments for the house, I guess I save an acre of cash....I'll have to remind DH how valuable I am!

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Thanks, everyone. I live in Ohio, and am certainly wishing I learned to sew! I am comfortable with this gals reputation, but am fairly frugal. If you add it all up it starts me wondering if I should learn to sew or hunt down cheaper. I absolutely know window treatment cos would be far more expensive. I can really hunt down a bargain, but I don't really know if it would be worth it here. What do you think?

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That's a little cheaper than you'd find here in PA for an independent seamstress (which is the way I'd go for basic treatments). It would be much more, of course, to go to a custom shop.

I think curtains/duvets are a great place to learn to sew-- but whether that makes sense depends on whether you WANT to learn to sew.. and if you have the time. If so, I'd say go for it!! Try one- if it doesnt work out, you can always return to the seamstress.

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That is a great price. Sewing isn't hard, but finding the space to work on large projects (like curtains) can be tough. I often had to resort to using the floor to lay out a few yards of fabric to match patterns ... Which meant the floor had to be vacc'd and then damp mopped and allowed to dry. After all that, I wasn't in the mood to pull out the sewing machine and fabric :)

So for me, the hassle factor is worth the prices you have been quoted :)

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While I've sewn all of my own treatments, I think those prices are very fair. I would look at it as how much time does it take to make each piece. Drapery and shade sewing is straightforward but it does take a lot of time cutting panels and matching patterns etc. Probably more time than the actual sewing part.

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Not to mention that if you know even sew at all now, it will probably be a good long time before anything you turn out would look as nicely finished as a professional seamstress' work. Wouldn't you hate all that lovely fabric you chased down to end up looking even the tiniest bit homemade--- in a bad way? I agree that the prices seem very low, and in fact that would bother me a little. Don't just go on her reputation, as not everyone holds the same standards. Insist on seeing examples of her work before you commit.

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Those seem to be great prices, if her work is good.
Curtain-making takes time, and very specific techniques, and though you can often get away with simple rod-pocket machine stitched panels, they never look as pretty or hang as well as lined, carefully finished ones.

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