Help with cabinet color next to fireplace!

danyel2424October 23, 2012

We just built a house and it is not completely finished yet and the next project we are working on is the fireplace. We are wanting to stone the front of the fireplace and have a mantle below the tv. On either side of the fireplace, there is space for cabinets and shelving. You can see my living room from my kitchen so my question my living room cabinets need to match my kitchen cabinets? My kitchen cabinets are cherry wood. I originally wanted to make the cabinets white on either side of the fireplace (because my floor is a cherry hardwood) but I'm not sure! Any suggestions would be great!

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I do not think they have to match your kitchen.
If you can post a photo of the stone you are using, you will get more ideas.

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If your trim in the room with the fire place is white then definitely do the shelving white. If your stone is in the brownish tones perhaps the wood is the best choice. It would depend on the stone you use.

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Wow, your home sounds beautiful. I want to see pictures too.

I agree with both posters. I don't think the cabinets need to match. But you need to be careful about introducing too many different types of wood. I like to try to keep everything cohesive without being too matchy.

That said, if you decide to use cherry I really don't think you want it to match the kitchen perfectly. Maybe a darker color than your floors or cabinets. It is never easy, is it? Go with what you like.

What are you doing with the mantle? Cherry?

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My kitchen and living room are one open space. The kitchen has stained maple cabinets and a white island and the fireplace and built-ins are white along with all the trim in the house.

If you are doing your trim in white I would do the fireplace mantle and built ins in white also.

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