Paint color for front door Beauti Tone

zen4dOctober 3, 2012

I found a beautiful red color for front door through a link here but I'm not familiar with the store.

Does anyone know a BJ or Ball & Farrow paint that is a perfect match to Beauti-Tone Loving It -3C2-8.

Here's a pic:

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Did yuo see at the bottom of that link's photos that she gave the Sherwin Williams color equivalents? That door was #6321, Red Bay. I have put a link to it below.

Here is a link that might be useful: SW 6321 Red Bay

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my3dogs, I saw that but doesn't it look more brownish to you than the red door pictured? I like the cardinal-reddish color in the picture of the door above.
But here is a sample of the SW 6321 Red Bay. It looks darker, don't you think?

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the color will be subjective when you look at a photo and especially online. All depends on lighting in the picture, your monitor, real life lighting when you paint etc.

If you can print it out and get the color you are seeing on your monitor I'd take that and get it color matched. However depending on your light and other colors surrounding it you may still only get close.

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Beauti tone is a canadian company that is only sold at Homehardware stores in Canada.

I went to the site that matches colors and the closest they have in BM in Raspberry trifle.

Look at my link to see what matches it.
Also my3dogs had the right color , it does not look like your inspiration photo but I am assuming a very sunny day when photo was taken.
If you like that photo, I would find a fabric piece or a piece of clothing that the BM site could match.

Here is a link that might be useful: Look Here

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If you look at the 'loving It' on the site that lyban linked above, it appears much darker that it does in the door photo. As others said, the fact that there is sun shining on the door, that the paint is probably a gloss; those are conditions which would not have it look the same as the chip online.

It's in the top row, the 10th color from the left after a pink chip.

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