X-designed porch railings?

livingreen2013October 5, 2012

I'm wondering what any of you think of doing an x design with our porch railings. Would it go with the look? Then we would do the x garage doors I'll attach here soon too. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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Garage door inspiration...

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Annie Deighnaugh

There usually is a code for spacing between slats given how high off the ground the porch is....be sure to check in your area as X style typically aren't sufficient if the porch is too high. I see the X railings as very western.....

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Our porch is just one step up, so according to our GC we should be okay either way. That is what I was worried though, about it being Western-looking. I just love the extra detail it gives to the porch though. Thanks for the thoughts AnnieDeighnaugh. Any other thoughts anyone?

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I have to agree that the x railings look "western ranch house" to me. The picture you posted is certainly that style. Could your architect draw the front elevation with the railings and garage doors you like? That might make it easier for you to decide.

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Here are a few more inspiration photos. Could I still possibly pull it off? That's a good idea to look into it getting drawn up to see it on paper at least. Thanks again for your responses!

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Last one...

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I agree that the x posts lend a western feel in the first inspiration pic. The subsequent ones have other elements that say "Victorian", "farmhouse" and maybe "shingle style" for the last one, and the x posts aren't the dominant design element. Your first pic has a very plain looking home with one color and little variation in elements, which is why the x posts stand out. I think the addition of the board &batten heightens the western ranch look.

I think you can do the x posts on the porch without it being too western, but to really pull it off you need more design elements; horizontal or shake siding, bold color, high contrast trim, stone, etc. I don't care for the x posts on the carriage garage doors, I think it draws the eye to the large garage door facade and away from your home. I like the carriage door look, but would do a more plain style, with no x posts and rectangular windows, the curved ones are too fussy IMO.

Good luck-


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I think it's a great idea.

Does this metal rail appeal to you? It's a lighter look, but probably meets code.

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In your 21:34 posting, the handrails look too small for the X's.

It's certainly a western ranch house or Texas hill country look.
What is the cladding on your facade?
If you have unbeaded weatherboard, clapboard, or vertical board and batten, I think you could do it.

If it's brick, or beaded weatherboard, or smooth stone, I'd say not.

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I think the Western look is a combination of the "Y shape" posts, board and batten, colors, metal roof, AND the x's.

But the x can be very Newport Cottage, too.

So it isn't the x per se.

I think it does run the risk of being busy. You need to be careful not to load up your house with every detail you like. You don't wear all of your jewelry at the same time ...

However, if you kept your palette very simple I think it could look very nice. On the other extreme, if you put all of these elements on, and then outlined each in a different color, I think that would not look very pleasing. So paint will matter a lot. I think loaded with detail but all white for example, could be gorgeous. Just an example.

I do think the front door is not quite perfect, especially if you lean Western, but even more with the x's.

I won't say "do what you love". But I will say, that apart from all the well considered and well meaning comments here, the fact is you are building a custom home for yourself. That means you do not need to pick whatever is most popular amongst us, in 2012. You get to pick what you want. As long as you are willing to take a possible hit at resale, if you are sure of what you want, do it. I think another poster on here is a good example of that, going with a color scheme and some design choices that are not right out of a magazine and a bit "risky". But she loves her results!

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You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for your comments! As of now, our color scheme is a blue/green/gray (one color throughout the exterior) and white, with a brown-ish roof and brown-toned stone. White windows, trim and garage doors. The siding is board and batten on the body of the house, with stone on the pillars, front of the garage and front bump-out (with the circle window). Currently, the peaks in the front are board and batten, with shake siding on the remainder of the front body of the house. Our current thought is to change that up to shake siding in the peaks, and continuing the board and batten on the remainder of the front body. I really appreciate your comments and thoughts about ways to keep it from being too busy. I appreciate your words mtnrdredux about going with what we feel good about. We plan to hopefully be in this hosue for the next 50 years or so. :) Any ideas for the front door look? I'd appreciate to hear more of your thoughts. Any other thoughts on if we should do board and batten or shake on the front body? Thank you again everyone!

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awm03- I've never seen railings like that before! I could see doing that look too. Thanks for the idea!

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btw mtnrdredux, thanks for the analogy of the jewelery all at once idea. I'm hopeful the week isn't coming off that way. That's good for me to remember as we continue with the build.

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X is also a very formal style, consistent with Georgian-Federal, and Regency, so it crosses a number of periods and degrees of formality, so it is not necessarily to informal or out of context to your house.

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Thank you for sharing palimpsest. I'm nervous toask, but do you think our house fits a specific style? Thanks again!

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You will have to lay out the Xs and see how they fit within the differently spaced columns. I don't see any stylistic reason not to try Xs, though.

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Wow, that is such a good point palimpsest! I actually just emailed our builder with that very question. Thanks for bringing up the spacing of the Xs. I hope we find a way to work it out! Thanks for your thoughts!

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