Ralph Lauren paint

taracolOctober 30, 2012

What has been your experience in painting with Ralph Lauren paint? How is the quality and coverage? Thanks!

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I loved it! I only used two colors, Balmoral Red, a rusty red, and Bone Black which I used on a couple of pieces of furniture as well as interior door. The black wasn't the blackest of blacks, more of a deep charcoal black, if that makes sense.

It was thicker than other paints i've used and went on smoothly with two coats being enough. With the red, I did use a charcoal primer per recommendation.

I used to get it at Home Depot, now RL has it's own stores, but not in my area....bummer.

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I thought you were looking to color match it ?
I guess you found it..
The only RL I've used was the suade .
I'm sure the guys back over in the Paint forum will have
experiences to share.
I do love the suade with the right type of wall...

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I love it. Kauai Jungle is my "go to" RL color, and has been for years now. The paint goes on like a dream.

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Yes, I was able to find a retail store in my area that sells the Ralph Lauren paint. I purchased a sample of it and painted a swatch on my wall last night. It seems a bit on the thin side to me and the color changed alot once it dried. At first, I was concerned they had changed the formula since it was so different when I painted on the 1st coat but by the time I painted a 2nd coat it looked like the color I wanted. I will probably have to use a primer 1st. Any recommendations?

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Tara, you don't say what color you're using. When I used the RL Balmoral Red years ago, I used a charcoal gray primer. It was an inexpensive brand since it was only a primer.

You could use the charcoal for any deeper color if you're present walls are white/ivory or anything light.

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I posted a response in the Paint forum (this thread).

(We've tinted a LOT of RL over the years....!)

I don't let anyone out the door with a color like that...UNLESS we've inquired about their knowledge/painting techniques, AND if they're aware of tinted primers!!

Unfortunately, we've had numerous price increases the last couple years....to the point that our Retails have now crept over $40/gal.


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Oops...sorry. I decided to nix the red and go with a neutral- Sisal (like a beige). It will be painted over light greenish walls.

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