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carpdiemsanaOctober 7, 2012

I have this slightly long living room with fireplace in the middle of the long wall. I have tv on the other side on the wall.

I am thinking to move the tv to top of the fireplace, will that be a good arrangement?? And where do I put the cables and modems/ boxes etc for the cable of tv???

Any inputs on rearranging the furniture will be greatly appreciated! Here is a picture:

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Here is the picture:

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You could have it install the wiring inside the wall and have the electronics in a small cabinet or wicker box, I put all the wires behind it in a hole I made in the cabinet and place the box on top.

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Don't put the television over the fireplace.

People do it all the time, and it's not a good idea.

It's bad ergonomics. To look at it comfortably, you have to slouch way down to support the back of your neck, which is bad for your posture, your back, or your digestion.

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Thts wht I thought but I feel like my current settin is so at away from one sofa to other... Any recommendations for that?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Well, right now, you have the TV high anyway. So the ergo issues are still at play.

Part of the problem is there is too much furniture and it is too large for the room so it's forcing you to push it all up against the walls leaving you very little option to do anything else. Can you eliminate the loveseat which is blocking the windows anyway, and put the tv on a credenza between the windows? Or at least hang it lower?

Or better would be to swap the love seat with the other sofa on the short wall and eliminate that sofa. That would give you room to put one of your end tables by the end of the loveseat to make it more useful. Then you might have a shot at fitting a single chair kitty corner by the fireplace (angled away from the tv) to make more of a conversational cluster with a small end table by it.

Of course, if you need all that seating, you need all that seating....

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If you absolutely need all of that seating, I would clear out the table, lamp and toys from the right of the fireplace, get a smallish television stand and put the television to the right of the fireplace. It may look a bit crowded there and cover the window a bit, but at least the tv will be at eye level and be able to be seen from all seating.

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You have a wonderful bright area, and I'm assuming you have 3 sofas because you need 3 sofas.

I'm not a fan of televisions over fireplaces, but there are many here who have beautiful, elegant rooms, and TVs over fireplaces. It's a very accepted look now. And, frankly it has to look better than where it is now, and be more functional.

I would, however, move your sofas away from the walls, and get some colorful, large throw pillows

I'd also suggest starting a new thread asking what others do with the cords and cables since the title of this thread may not attract those posters


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Is the piece of furniture opposite the tv another couch or a chair that matches the other pieces? If it is a chair, is it possible to switch it out with the loveseat? That would give you more room on the window wall and a place to move the tv down to a console - in the corner where the fire truck is, maybe?

I love your fireplace and the room is really a wonderful, light and bright space.

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If that's a chair that we can't quite see, I'd move it to the corner where the fire truck is, angeled toward the seating group, and put the love seat where the chair is now. I'd put the TV on a stand between the windows. If you want it wall mounted, I'd lower it (a lot) and put a console underneath to store the various boxes. The wires can be run inside the wall. I'd also move the end tables so they're flanking the sofa.

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You've got competing focal points--the fireplace and the TV. You need to decide which one you want to make more prominent.

A few questions--is the the only/best room for the TV? What do you do more of, watching the fire or watching the TV set?

The fireplace does not have to be the focal point of the room. If one of the main functions of the room is to watch TV, then go ahead and make the TV the focal point. Don't block the fireplace, but don't arrange the all the furniture to have a great view of the fireplace and only a so-so view of the TV.

Decorate--and arrange your furniture--for the way you live. Swing the sofa out away from the wall and put it to face the TV, where that third piece is currently. Then put the loveseat where the sofa is right now. The chair, if that third piece is a chair, can go either where the loveseat is now, or angled into the room where the firetruck is. Move the end tables out of the corners and put one on either end of the loveseat. That will give people a place to put drinks and remotes that you don't have now.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Just to clarify, if you look at the pics in the original post, the piece that is on the short wall, opposite the love seat is another 3 seater sofa.

And the pic reveals the front door access to which you don't want to block.

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Thanks Annie for posting that pic... I cudnt figure out how to attach it...

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You have too many sofas :)

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You have lined the walls with seating. I keep reading that you need to create seating groups, close enough for conversation. Not sure how you would do that, but if you do, I think the room would look more inviting. And one of the conversation groups would have the TV as a focal point.

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How many people do you need to seat? If it were my room, I'd take out the two loveseats. I would put two chairs with an endtable between them under the window.

The big couch needs it's own table w/lamp.

I'd put the tv on a console where the sofa is next to the front door. You have plenty of room there.

I wouldn't put the tv on the mantel either. It's a good way to get a crick in the neck, and that leads to more cricks, then an MRI. I know this. LOL. Eye level is good for TV watching. It looks like you have a little boy, and it would be much easier for him to watch TV while he plays on the floor or sitting on the sofa.

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