window treatment help..rosettes

trailrunnerbikerOctober 10, 2012

I have 2 windows that have never had any WT. I found lovely black velvet insulated drapes on sale and have my seamstress cutting them off to the proper length. I want to use them as black out drapes when the rooms are being slept in. I got the idea from a pic on Attic Mag about attic bedrooms.

I need 2 rosettes at each corner where the wall angles just high enough but not covering the sconce. My seamstress will make loops at the top edge of each drape. What would you suggest as far as rosettes and where to get them ? I have black metal/wrought iron accents in the room and the wall sconce you see in the pics. I was trying to use the bed turned as you see it with it near the window seat but the space is a little too least I think so...DH loves it !!

So here are the pics and I welcome any and all ideas as to rosettes or other ideas for hanging the drapes. They are 40" wide x 59 " long so they just reach/break at the window seat. c

bedroom 1-

bedroom 2-

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Would you want to get something simple, since they will be very close to the sconces? Something that will blend in with the drapes when holding them open? I show a link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zinc Curl Window Curtain Drapery Holdback Tie-back

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Hi Caroline, I do usually chime in on this forum, (but I read it everyday for inspiration :) ). Just wanted to say what lovely windows!
Are the curtains going to be on rods, with the rosettes for tiebacks? I am going to use GLASS DOORKNOBS in my dining room, instead of rods. I will sew loops along the top edge of my panels to loop over the knobs.

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i meant to say I usually DO NOT chime in here.

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Hey m3d...I need an actual rosette not a tie back. As Jenna suggested and I have since seen on Houzz I want to loop the top corner over something to hold the drape in a perfect rectangle covering the trim/glass but not as far over as the sconce. I saw glass doorknobs used in a pick . They may be a bit large. I did look for rosettes but they wanted $37 a piece !! So what I need is some way to screw into the wall/sheet rock and then loop the corners of the drape over only when it is in place. Other times it will be folded on the window seat.

Maybe some more ideas ??? Thank you ! c

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Annie Deighnaugh

Must be I need more coffee. I'm reading what you're saying and I think I know what you want, then I'm thrown by that last bit. I thought you were looking for a straight peg that goes into the wall that has a decorative end on it...and you put the drape over the peg to hold the fabric away from the window.

Until I got to the "other times it will be folded on the window seat"


Is this what you want?

Here is a link that might be useful: drapery tieback

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I don't drink coffee, but I had the same reaction to the folded thing. :-)

I THINK what is wanted is that the curtains will not be hung 100% of the time, but only when room darkening is needed? Else they will be folded on the window seat? I didn't have that visual when I mentioned the hold back above.

So you need something to drape the loops over to hold the drape in front of the glass when you want to close off the window? NOT something that will act as a tie back for drapes that are always hung, and you just want to expose the glass at times. Is that it?

And the 'loop holders/rosettes' must go into sheet rock, which means the screws that hold them on the wall must be usable with wall anchors in order to make sure they stay in the wall?

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I also was confused at first, but think that the rosette tiebacks that Annie posted are exactly what OP is looking for. It says in the link that they can be used as holdbacks or "in place of a curtain rod". Now whether I would want to climb up on the window seat to put the curtain on the rosettes at night to darken the room is another story. At least that is the way I read the intention.

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Yep..that is what I want/wanted. I actually saw a blog last night where she used a piece that has a threaded end on both ends. She then screwed on a simple drawer knob on one end and the other end into the wall. Loop a piece over each knob and it is hung. I was thinking when I saw that that I could get unfinished wood knobs and paint them the wall color and they would effectively disappear when the blackout curtain isn't in place.The Pate Meadow site has wonderfully priced rosettes. Most other sites want from $37 up to $175 for one !!

Yes I don't really want it hanging there month in and month out when we have no one staying up there. It would be folded or hung on a hanger and then placed on the knobs when needed. My DH can reach the area easily while standing on the floor...I can't :) Also the bed is in the way in the one I said we were just trying something out that I saw on AM.

This is a 1300 sq foot attic space that was converted to living space in 2002 when we bought our 1890 home. There is a large sitting room and library/office space and a large bathroom up here plus a huge storage space under the eves that is not heated/cooled but has a vent fan .

this is the sitting area ( brown furniture is gone ) :

this is the bath ( note WT here either ! )

french doors lead to the 2 bedrooms...(they are not identical size...left one is smaller ,sofa is gone)

Thank you so much for the help and I am sorry that my description was so obscure. So now that it is clear what do you think about this as a WT for temporary use when we have company ? c

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Here you go, something like this will work fine, I have some in my bedroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: drape holder

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yaya,...perfect and we have a hobby lobby...I actually want a smaller diameter...about 2" so that the loops don't have to be too big and consequently let the drape sag...IYKWIM. I want it pretty snug fitting as this fabric won't drape due to the lining. Ya'll are on the right track though. Thank you ! c

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These are 3 1/4" diameter from country curtains

They also have pretty glass ones, but they are larger in diameter than you wanted:


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Trailrunner: If you want to make the Hobby Lobby holder work,don't sew (secure)BOTH sides of the drapery loop down permanently. One end of the loop could velcro/snap in place. Does that make sense?

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OH! Yes I am going out today to see what they have and kept wondering how to achieve a small loop over a larger rosette !! Brilliant ! So problem solved and on with the project. Thank you for all the suggestions and links. Made it so much easier I will have a "reveal" when I get them up. c

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