attaching decorations to stucco

fosterzeroOctober 24, 2007

I am decorating a house for a client with live garland and other Christmas decorations. The house is made of stucco and obviously I want to do little or no damage to the surface. Do you have any recommendations, products or methods?


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You might want to try the little plastic self-sticking hooks. If it's okay to use something that screws in, tea cup hooks are good for garland as they can be found in several different sizes,depending on the thickness of the garland.

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I use 3M Command Hooks on my stucco exterior walls. They work great but you may want to get a smaller size and it may take some effort to find a nice flat spot in the area you want to hang something due to texture.

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We have small metal hooks around our front windows and door - they are difficult to notice but come in handy several times a year when we put bunting up for the 4th of July or lights/garlands for Christmas.

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DH used concrete screws in stucco (construction is block, not wood if that matters) for outdoor decorations. They are small and not really noticable but do their job well around the holidays. They do stay in all year round.

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Hang things from the eaves on fishing line, its invisable.

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igirl - that is what we have - very practical, inexpensive and almost invisible.

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