Would this be attractive? Practical?

alisandeOctober 4, 2012

This is my front entry, the door most often used to come in and out of the house. The wood floor gets a lot of traffic. I had most of the downstairs floor refinished several years ago, but could not afford to do this section--on which a grand piano sits. (My grandson's playard is going into storage soon.)

Every winter I lay down a cheap runner (bought by the foot at the hardware store) from the doormat to the end of the woodstove (about 10 feet), and leave it there for the mud season in early spring. It tends to curl, and is really rather ugly.

I'm thinking of buying a much nicer runner (possibly this one) and leaving it down permanently. I would move the piano rug (on the left) over a bit to give it more space. I hope the runner would look good, and it would also serve to give some protection to the wood beneath. Naturally, people will track some mud and dirt onto it, but in my experience wool rugs tend to be rather forgiving.

What do you think of this idea? Thanks!

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Yes and yes - attractive and practical! I've used a smallish wool rug as my entry mat for 9 years now and it looks every bit as good as the day I first put it down. I like your choice, and think it will look great!

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Absolutely, it would look great if it was an oriental as they never wear or curl but you have to suit yourself. I do the same at my door when the snow flies.

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You're lucky - it seems that you'll have enough clearance with that high sill so that the door swing won't hit the "dense, thick pile" rug.

That's a mistake we made when the contractors installed our front door. The sill is rather low so my wool runner has to be placed beyond the door swing.

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Maire, I hope no one will trip over it. :-)

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I went ahead and ordered it. Ecarpet's website sells the sort of tribal orientals that I favor, but their runners were too short for this purpose. The rug I ordered was the closest I could come.

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