What side is the best side to hand a towel rack or hooks?

tinker_2006October 6, 2012

Trying to finish a few details... and I'm in the Master Bathroom.

I'm thinking of hanging a towel rack or possible hooks.. which side should I do it on, the side above the soap dish, or the shower side? What about pictures too - yay or nay? From Sideboard Makeover

doorway From Sideboard Makeover

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I don't have an opinion about towel rack placement. But I do want to tell you what a beautiful new bathroom you have! Very, very pretty.

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I use washcloths instead of hand towels, and just lay them on the countertop. I get them from Costco cheaply, so have dozens and dozens
of white ones. For company you can put extras in a silver basket in the center of the counter. Love the bathroom.

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I think I'd hang a couple of hooks on the shower end of the tub wall. That way you could just reach around the corner and grab a towel while exiting the shower. The other end (assuming you're referring to the soap dish by the sink) would be hard to reach since you'd have to lean over/around the vanity.

As for pictures, I love this room (ditto for all your other rooms we've seen) just as it is and would happily leave the walls bare. By the way, wishing you a speedy recovery from your up-coming surgery. Maybe you can lie back and just enjoy your beautiful home for a bit!

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Love your room! Are you asking about a hook//bar for bath towels or hand towels? I am curious about how you finished the room. If you don't mind sharing, what material did you select for your floor?

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What is the marble top in the second picture that appears to be in front of the tub?

I would hang a train rack on the wall with the shower, and a hook there over the soap dish.

I love the bath!! My MB is similar colors, but I have dark cabinets. Beautiful!


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Thank you! The floor tiles are Dal-Tiles unglazed hexagon tiles.

This is what I was thinking - but seeing it.. maybe it's too busy! my other thought was just to hang 2 hooks on the shower wall (see arrow).

From 2012-10-08

Nancy, I like the idea of a train rack ( I had to google it - as I didn't know what it was!) also, that marble in front - is a knee wall.

(real - unphotoshopped! lol)
From just moving in From just moving in

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Annie Deighnaugh

Pretty bathroom...love the wall color.

Given the length of the counter and my preference for adding softness to a hard space like a bath, I would get a counter top guest towel holder and put it in the middle so it's convenient to both sinks.

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Hooks on the shower wall, but make sure they're high enough that you can lounge in the tub without towels getting in the way. You could even do the shelf on that wall, but I'd put it higher than you put it on the other wall in your photoshop.

Beautiful bathroom, Tinker.

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