update this built in ironing board cabinet

kam76October 12, 2013

So I have this in wall ironing board cabinet with brown yellow and kind of creamy with a hint of lavender glass in it. The wood is a pretty blah brown. I want to update it a bit. Not sure if I should try to stain the wood a little darker and get a new knob or if I should paint it? If so what color? This is going in my master walk in closet with medium brown wood floors and probably some type of white walls. Any suggestions? I don't know how old it is but it is toatally giving me a 1970's vibe and in not a good way.

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I think that once you install it and post a pic people will be able to get a better idea of it's surroundings.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's your other post in case you lost it ..

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I looked at your other thread and what I'd do is have a solid wood door made for the cabinet - paint door and trim to match wall or other trim. Hang the stained glass door in a window. If it doesn't work with your decor you could sell it.

If you use it somewhere else in your house and have white trim there you could paint the trim to match.

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ugh, I have no idea why this posted again. Sorry guys.

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That's really no problem Kam...
We have ghost here in October âºâº

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