Identifying marks- Ethan Allen Furniture

maddieleeOctober 8, 2008


Does anyone know if Ethan Allen ever 'marked' its furniture with a brass or metal plate?

The few pieces that we own are marked with a burnt in "Ethan Allen". (Burned into the inside of the wood.)

I'm considering a cl find, and the seller says that the buffet has a metal plate that reads; "Ethan Allen".

Thanks for any info you can share.

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My pieces from the 40's are all burnt in (on the back of the pieces).

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Does the piece also say Baumritter? I don't know if they ever used a metal plate but there was a short period of time when the pieces used dual branding - Ethan Allen/Baumritter.

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I have a bedroom set that dates from the 1970's & it the EA name is burned into the wood inside a drawer. I have kitchen chairs that are roughly 5 years old & they have nothing more than a fabric sticker on the underneath of the seat. (I purchased them directly from EA).

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I just sold an EA bedroom set from the 70s and this is the only kind of marks I found on any of the pieces.


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My newer EA pieces all have the mark burnt in.

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Thank you to all who answered.

I think the piece may not be authentic, and it is overpriced. (If the seller had offered the piece without the EA reference and at a reasonable price she may have had a buyer).

I've tried to join an Ethan Allen owners forum for info, but am having trouble with that website.

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I have 3 Ethan Allen tables. The chinoiserie cocktail table has a metal name plate. The others are burnt on.

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I am curious if you know the history behind the chinoiserie table. I own an Ethan Allen piece so I have researched the history of Ethan Allen of course. I never came across anything about a metal plate used. How old it the piece? How long did they use them? Was it only on certain pieces or was there a "metal plate period"?

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Here's the deal with EA's chinoisiere pieces vs. their wood pieces and upholstered pieces. The wood pieces are fabricated in the United States, the chinoisiere pieces are subbed out and built in China. The upholstered pieces are assembled in the US, but the fabric is manufactured in India. They may use the metal plates on the pieces that are not made in the US.

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