Season 2 of Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators returns Nov 13

chijimOctober 3, 2012

Season 2

About Million Dollar Decorators: Season 2

Bravo�s brings design filled nights when Million Dollar Decorators returns for Season 2, Tuesday, November 13th at 10pm ET/PT. Los Angeles�s most exclusive and sought-after interior designers -- Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Kathryn Ireland, Jeffrey Alan Marks, and Mary McDonald are back. With big budgets, big personalities, and big projects, the designers take on A-List celebrity clientele and a few encounter some very familiar faces that turn out to be their most difficult clients to date.

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YAY! Love that show

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Thanks for the notice. I wondered if this show would have another season. I cannot stand most so-called reality shows, but the overwhelming narcissism evidenced by these particular people was funny to me for some reason rather than being off-putting. The show certainly lowered my opinion of all of them. Nathan Turner was the only one who exhibited much class and I see from your post that he isn't listed as returning.

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oh goodie !! Season ! was one of my guilty pleasures, if I'm going to watch
reality tv, I prefer it to be over the top and see beautiful things, such as this show provided, for me it's pure escapism when I have insomnia
or when DH is away.

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Oh boy! Thanks for heads up, chijim

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Thank you dahhhhling.....I'll set the dvr

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Reminder Bump!

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I'll be watching! ;o)

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thanks for the heads up, I had forgotten about it !!

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A S1 marathon will be on Bravo tomorrow morning starting at 5amCT/6am ET.

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Chijim, thanks from this corner of cyberspace too! I really enjoyed that show, I thought the decorators all were funny and over the top in the Jeff Lewis vein, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming second season.

Have the DVR all set,

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I'm loving the second season, what delicious homes, so gorge !!
as Maaaaartyn would say. It's all eye candy , it does become so over the top with all their different temperaments and I find myself smiling a lot during the show. Unreal reality tv, pure escapism.

it reminds me of the wow factor discussion going on in another thread, this show provides many wow moments, inside and outside of the homes.

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I want to go to Design Boot Camp with Martyn, or at least attend just the day he teaches to vocabulary lesson. I'm sure facial expressions are included in that same session...

It really is a lot of glam glam and so delicious, you are right!

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I love this show! I think Kathryn Ireland's style is the most like mine, but I love seeing all the designers' rooms. I loved how Martin decorated Stacie Dash's house on the last episode.

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I hate that Nathan isn't a main character anymore, but he's still on there a lot as Mary's buddy. I do like how they have edited it a bit differently this year. Rather than thinking they need to give each decorator the same amount of time on each episode, they go a bit more in-depth with 2 or 3 of them. I think there was one episode that had no Kathryn at all, but gave a better view of what the others were doing.

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