Software for sketching window elevations

mtnrdredux_gwOctober 7, 2012

What's the best thing to use to play around with exterior fenestration layout? Skecthup? Or is there somthing specific to windows?

thanks in advance

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Sketch up is fairly easy to pick up and it's amazing how quickly you can draw a house/add windows, doors etc. Take a few of the online tutorials and you should be able to do what you want, especially if you have general house dimensions. Best, oldbat2be

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Yes, thanks, I've been using Sketchup but they don't have the exact windows I want.


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OK - just double-checking that you've already tried drawing it yourself, already in Sketchup, using the dimensions?

I also have Chief Designer's Architect Plus. You can download various Library Catalogs (i.e., tile, countertops, flooring, roofs, etc).

I'm on version 9 (a little out of date) but I just checked and there are no window libraries for my version but for newer versions (Chief Architect Premier/Interiors, Home Designer Pro/Architectural/Suite) there are libraries for Marvin, Integrity and Therma-True. Best of luck and very much enjoy reading about your projects and watching your progress, oldbat2be

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I am a neophyte at Sketchup. I used it for my little stone house, and now I am playing with it as I ponder what we might do with the beachhouse we are looking at.

For windows and such, I import them as components. I just can't find the windows Id like to use, and it changes the look so much! I can't imagine drawing the window myself, but maybe I should try it.

Not sure if I should try the product you are talking about; assume it is not free!


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I think we paid ~150, no not free but with all your
projects... :)

There may be a tutorial on sketchup for drawing windows, worth checking. I am a neophyte too but found it amazingly good with just using dimensions, drawing rectangles and using the push/pull. Here was a backsplash I mocked up; I was really surprised at how realistic it looked. So, one big rectangle for the house and then a few smaller ones for the windows and doors...

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Wow. OB2be, you are good!

I am having trouble getting dimensionality on things I draw. For example, I drew a porch roof. It is not a rectangle, it is a trapezoid. After I drew it, I tried to use the push pull to give it some dimensionality and opaqueness. DIdn't do anything .... ideas?

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