Need opinions about size of artwork

katlanOctober 16, 2013

Can anyone suggest what size artwork/picture will work on this wall?

The ceilings are 8'. The space between the two wall lights is 118". The mirrored front cabinet is 35" tall if that changes anything.

I'm interested in having somethin long and narrow, frameless, but I'm not sure about what size. I have to drive at least an hour one way to get to a decent sized town for shopping so I'm hoping to have a good idea what size will work.

Thanks for any and all help.

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If I were to choose something, it would be a piece that connects to a longer console in order for it to span the wall. Otherwise it won't be grounded. But, that would mean moving the chair and it looks like that wouldn't work well for you, from your previous thread.

To work with what's there, the art would fit above the cabinet and be about 2/3 the width. That's just a rough guide, though, because I could make a smaller piece work if it was THE one.
I think I'd move the cabinet somewhere else entirely and put a side table by the chair. For art, I'd look for something HUGE (9x6) that covers the entire area, i.e. a map. If it almost goes to the floor, that will ground it.

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So if I keep the cabinet and chair that are there now, would it be better to look for a set of 2 or 3 pics? One above the cabinet then 1 or 2 others also?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I don't see any art work arrangement working well with that space and cabinet unless it were very large, like a quilt.
A large chunky floor vase filled with tall branches between the cabinet and chair would visually fill the wall.
Before I committed to making everything "work", I would seriously consider looking for a much longer table as it would tie the 2 rugs together too.

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I agree with the previous posters -- it's a choppy look.
Are you open to moving the cabinet?
I think the chair and a long console table would work well with a large piece of art.
Or with 2 large vertical pieces of art (as in, 2 of a series, same artist).
If you want to keep the cabinet there, you might think about going to a photo gallery wall.

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Can anyone suggest what size artwork/picture will work on this wall?

Test various sizes by taping butcher's paper or cardboard to the wall.

I'd have multiple pictures of various sizes between the two lights as a "gallery wall".

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Hard to see what is to the left of the wall, but would the cabinet fit on your cream colored wall under the painting? Then you can add a large console table on the red wall. You can find inexpensive ones in varying sizes - nothing fancy. That would really anchor the space for artwork on the wall.

That cabinet is really pretty -- and if you can find another space for it, I think you'd have an easier time decorating your great accent wall.

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Working with what you have there, I think you could move the console to the center, a bit behind the leather chair, so that person has a place to rest beverages, etc. I would place another chair to the left. You could do a large painting over the console and then flank it with smaller ones. A randomly sized and placed gallery of art might look good too (unstructured). That is attention grabbing and might take some attention away from the break in rugs by being less organized looking.

Not sure why you have two rugs going there but the breaking point looks awkward, as well as for walking. I would bring those closer together if possible.

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I like what snookums suggested - but if another chair doesn't work for you, then maybe a very large potted plant to fill the space....

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I wouldn't go with art that's long and narrow. There's a lot of straight lines already going on there. I'd pick something round in shape or oversized clock or mirror. Just don't hang it too close to the ceiling.

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I don't know much about decorating but I like the way my 2 prints look floating horizontally on my wall. My ceiling is probably about 10 feet high but I think they would still look good with a lower ceiling.
Just to give you some perspective my wall is 148 inches and the framed pieces each measure 57x 24.
Maybe you try a couple pictures that that run long horizontally ( but not quite as long as mine) and see how they look on your wall.
I realize this is contradictory to the advise given by some of the other posters but just thought I would throw it out there.
Good luck finding the right artwork.

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The off white wall to the left is the beginning of the hallway. Immediately to the right of the pic there is the entrance to the kitchen, so can't put the stand there.

We originally weren't going to do any rug since we just had the floors refinished, we didn't want to cover it at all. But it did seem a little cold so I started looking. I decided on 2 rugs for a couple reason. #1 the cheapest 10x13 rug I could find was $450. #2 I really, really like these rugs, and it seemed a good compromise to have two in order to cover enough that it didn't seem cold, but yet still not almost completely covered the newly done floors.

I moved the rugs a little closer together. I moved the light brown chair and the cabinet to the right. Can't go much further or the chair will block the entry into the LR and also that couch reclines, so you wouldn't be able to pass thru comfortably.

I appreciate all your comments and opinions. I hope there's some more coming that will help me work with what I have and where I have it. I like both of the walls in badgergal's post. Would it be better to try to do 4 separate pieces of art on the wall, like in her pic?

If I do 4 separate things on the wall, should I still have a tall vase with branches/lights/tall stuff between the chair and cabinet? At one end or another?

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Badgergal's arrangement works because there are grounding elements for the artwork and an echoing symmetry. Your arrangement doesn't have that across the wall. You'll see that the horizontal pair of pictures relate to the pair of chairs and side table. The grouping of four relates to the console.

Of course, you can always do what you want! You live there and your aesthetic won't be the same as another's. As long as you enjoy it, that is all that matters. But I think you are in a quandary because of trying to work with those two pieces in a way that causes an unbalance between the elements.

I'm a huge fan of using what you have, but there are usually alternatives to furniture arrangement. There will be degrees between what works and what works well.

If you absolutely do not want to move the cabinet (near the entry?) and give the chair a table to use for drink/remote/glasses, then I agree that a collage of framed art would be an option. Maybe something similar to this arrangement. See how low they take it? Use that idea and have the bottom of the arrangement a bit below the height of the chair arm. Your collection could be anything from paintings, prints, photos, or a variety of items that mean something to you. Placing one or two of the larger items over the cabinet will anchor it as it moves across the wall.

Eclectic Bedroom by Toronto Photographers Peter A. Sellar - Architectural Photographer

I really like this!

Eclectic Hall by Montreal Interior Designers & Decorators Esther Hershcovich

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I agree a grouping would work well instead of one picture....

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Holly- Kay

Katlan, take your time and add art as you find things you love so you aren't buying just to take up wall space. You have the beginnings of a lovely room but you want that room to reflect what you and your family love.

Since your DH is an avid bow hunter you may want to use a mixture of wildlife prints or drawings and family photos to reflect his love of the outdoors. I love the galley wall that Alex posted and could see you using that as your inspiration with an outdoors theme, there are wildlife drawings in that grouping.

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