Help with Game Room -- Rug Under Pool Table?

julieh1926October 17, 2010

We just bought a pool table and are trying to decide if we need/should place a rug under it. Given the configuration of the room, if we use a rug, the pool table can't be centered on the rug, as you can see in the picture below. For reference, the shortest edge of the rug is about 1'3" from the edge of the pool table. The pool table is a standard 8x4 pool table.

Note: on the left-hand side of the room are window seats with cushions; the brick in the upper corner is the hearth for the fireplace. Also note that the walls at the bottom of the picture (the white parts) are fixed and restrict the bottom edge of the rug -- it can't be moved further down the room. The furniture can be moved if needed.

So, what do you think? Uncentered rug or no rug?


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I don't know if this is going to bother your pool players but for some reason when you put a rug under a pool table it affects the game. When the ball stops moving after a shot is taken, it will do a final "roll" and lob over to one side or another.

We are not professional pool players and we noticed this. We have kids that come over for partys and they never notice this from what I can tell. They don't really care.

We have our pool table sitting on wall to wall carpet and a rug. Our rug is 8'by 13' and fits comfortably under the table without being kicked or tripped on. Our pool room is open to the kitchen. One of these days when we can remodel the kitchen, the wall to wall carpet is getting pulled out in this room along with the rug.

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We are in the middle of finishing off our downstairs, havent painted the walls yet, wasnt looking for a pool table right yet, but we found a great deal on one that we couldnt resist. I put a 5x7 rug under our 4x8 pool table. It sounds like it would be too small but actually fits very well as the legs of the table dont extend as far as the top does. I put it there just to add some color and lighten up area around the pool table. Doesnt effect playing, and havent noticed that the ball lobes to one side.

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