Hall Lighting: Overhead or Sconce? Electrician coming today!

ttoddOctober 12, 2013

I know I'm being a huge PIA but I got a note last night that the electrician will be here today to work on my hallway lighting, I need to tell him where to put the upstairs hall light.

I've given much thought about my hallway lighting fixtures and really took into consideration the responses that I got from my other thread.

I think I picked a line:


I thought about what Beverly27 posted in regards to the lighting all being coordinating and that is what is most appealing to me while I live here and something that potential buyers may notice. Most of the homes that sell in our area are 'cobbled' together w/ a mish mash of clearance when somebody sells. And even though some homes on my block have been for sale forever, I have people stopping and asking if my home is for sale or will be everyday because of the work that they see going on.

Not only do I have to buy fixtures for my hallway, but when we move I will be taking all of my current chandeliers w/ me so I will have to replace DR, kitchen and mudroom ceiling fixtures. All rooms (except MR) come off of hallway. I though that the above line would solve my issues:

1. Price point is right
2. Although not what I might choose for my forever home, it is something that I can absolutely live w/ while house is on market.
3. Fits the home. Kind of, sort of, in a way lol!
4. Will create flow to showcase the best house possible for buyers.
5. I have to think about our local housing market and who would be looking to buy our home and it's not going to be somebody who would notice high end fixtures and the significance of era appropriate lighting. I have to find the right balance.

So my question is this: For the upstairs portion of our very small/ short hallway where a lighting fixture is being added, would you recommend a ceiling mount or wall sconce?

Wish I had pictures but I don't. The ceiling space is already crowded w/ huge air intake vent and smoke detector. One wall has very large gold gilt mirror and there is one other wall about the width of a door where I can but a double sconce.

I want to keep it super simple in regards to how much stuff is up there. There are literally 5 doors coming off this short, narrow space so it is already visually busy. Walls, doors and trim are all white.

So, double wall sconce or overhead?

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HANDS DOWN, the wall sconces. I love them and what a great price! I have always been a fan of wall sconce lighting over a single ceiling light. I would definitely do the sconces.

Great find! Can't wait for after photos!

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Keep in mind the width of the hall....make sure there is room to move furniture without hitting the sconces.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Ceiling would be typical. Wall sconces may be in the way. Unless you have room to put a small demi-lune or something in front so people don't walk into them, having fixtures at eye level is bad feng shui. Hanging them above eye level will look funny. I typically see wall sconces in places like hotel hallways that are plenty wide and they use the clamshell style sconce which can be placed higher and act like an uplight, or they have consoles under them.

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For both practicality *and* beauty, I would do a flush mount. Especially if the bedrooms are upstairs. My hall light is used a lot at night time.

There are some beautiful and inexpensive flush mount fixtures out there.

I also can't wait to see the "After!"

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I'd also do a low profile flush mount.

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I bought a house with sconces in the hall and I did not even think about moving to overhead lighting. I just replaced the really ugly sconces. Then I went to hang up my art and the sconces were in the way. Something to think about. I could have created a gallery with my art using overhead lights......

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I would not have enough light in the hall from those tiny "candlelight" bulbs. I like to have lots of light and I prefer it overhead. So add me to the ceiling mount crowd.

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I like the sconces, but I think I'd probably go with ceiling mount so the next owner can hang things in the hall without them being part of the equation.

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