Lamp for entry table AND what to do with wall going up the stairs

Janice742October 11, 2013

I have two questions:

First, the entry way:

So this mirror was originally going in my office. I've since changed the vibe in there to MCM - and this obviously doesn't fit that style

I had the mirror painted (used to be gold leaf-ish) - so the white is non-negotiable.

We originally had a mirror there that matched the entry piece - it was much smaller in scale. We had a 24" high mercury glass lamp there, which now doesn't work.

What style table lamp and how tall?

(some of you may say no lamp -- but we really like having a light there so we don't have to have the hanging fixture on all the time...)

The large black frame can find a new home if you think it doesn't work there -- but I have black framed photos along the hallway (see second question photos)

(note: door to garage is to the right of the mirror/chest -- Front door is on the wall to the left of the mirror/chest)

Here are two views of the space:

Second question:

Turn around from the mirror and here are the stairs and our hallway to the back of the house.

We really love the b/w photos along this wall -- but I'm at a loss for what to do up the stairs.

Was thinking large identical frames with
#1: photos of our boys OR
#2: photos that my son took (he is very artsy and has taken some beautiful photos of architecture, nature from our travels) --

Would you do b/w? or color?

Do I stick with black frames? Can I switch to white?

LOTS of questions here...
Thanks for the input!

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How about this one?

And for the stairway -- I like it plain -- just to let the eye rest -- and allow the family gallery to really stand out!

Here is a link that might be useful: LP -- mercury glass lamp

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I totally agree with Teacats about the stairs. I LOVE what you've down with your framed photos on the one wall, but I think it would be too busy and take away from your wonderful gallery to add anything on the stairs . . . except perhaps a few matching wall sconces to light the way up.

As for your foyer chest of drawers, I agree that a lamp there is needed. I just saw, what I think would be perfect for it, in a catalog I was looking at yesterday. But, since I was looking at many catalogs yesterday, I'll have to search and get back to you with a pic of it. It was a lovely candlestick-type one and in keeping with the look of your mirror.

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IMO, more black frames, but with that mirror there, how about dropping in just a couple of white ones in among the black as minor notes to echo the mirror frame and set the black off?

As for color, how about a good-size rug to define the entry as an important, and inviting area in itself and set it off from the hall? There are a million styles, and it could act as an organizing element, helping decide what lamp would work best.

Wool rugs like this one don't show anything and wear like iron.

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Can't find the one I was talking about, but here are two more ideas from

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Thanks for the guidance so far.

Based on your feedback - I see what you mean about keeping the stairs clean so the focus is on the opposite wall.

With the mirror so tall, I'm having a hard time figuring out the height of the lamp. Plus - if I do a crystal with a white shade, will it disappear?

Here is a view from down the hall:

I've looked for an updated entry rug over the past year, but haven't found one I like. It can't be real light - since we have no mud room and this is how we come into the house - whether from the front door or garage - we land right here. And I would want another round....

Anyway - the white mirror seems lonely - it needs something on that piece of furniture to really compliment it.

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Lynn -- thanks for the lamps you posted...
I've been searching Lamps Plus also - I think the height is what is getting me the most...

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How about continuing the theme of the ceiling lights and using a black wrought iron console table lamp - tall, thin, with a narrower shade than the suggestions above.

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Janice, from the sounds of it, you'd like a lamp and perhaps a couple other pieces that would add some interest to that piece and, with the lamp, stands out against the white framed mirror. I agree that it would like nice. I think you just have to make sure that the lamp you choose it's not too wide or too busy, as it will compete with your busy-but-beautiful frame there.

This is what I ended up doing with the buffet in my dining room. Like you, I felt a lamp was needed, but didn't want it to compete with my Peruvian Madonna painting. I ended using a buffet lamp I already had. It was too short, so I used some books to add more height. I'm in the process now of looking for a replacement for it that has a bit more bulk to it. Anyhoo, I balanced it on the other side with a statue I love. Later, I made the floral arrangement for the middle. But, I don't think your arrangement needs to be symmetrical. Mine just turned out that way.

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Just a few general observations. I have items that I have assembled over the years that are goldleafish, and to make them a bit more current for me now, I've brushed on a thin coat of white poster paint. It's gets rid of the yellow shine and the white veil over the gold somehow makes them less 'precious'. In addition, the paint is not permanent. I good wash and the paint comes off. Works for gilt frames also.

The white painted mirror over the very dark chest is not quite right IMO. Maybe a bit too contrasty..........lots of made up words in this post. Anyway, I'd recommend overglazing the white to tone it down. I threw in a gray mirror in your photo just as an example.

Then I found some thin candlestick type lamps for the corner. I put my accent lighting on timers around the house. Works for me. Some of these Restoration Hardware lamps are 24" tall and some are 36" tall. I'm thinking you might need at least 30", but it's hard to tell from a photo.

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What a pretty home! Love what you've done. Seeing a tiny bit of the room with the blue walls helps I think. Would you ever considering bringing some of that rich blue into the entryway? I think a taller lamp would help balance the height of the mirror. Just some ideas that may or may not suit your taste. If I can find some examples of rugs or lamps I will be sure to post them. BTW, the ceiling lights are beautiful and your framed photo wall looks great! If you have any other photos that show more of the blue room, it might help generate some other ideas.

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I really like this lamp. I found it on overstock for 61.00

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Lynn - your grouping is so pretty. It all works together - and Iike that nothing is "fighting" each other... Love the Madonna...

I think that's my problem with the mirror.... It seems to be fighting the dark piece...

Beverly --
I would be willing to add a wash or something to the mirror. I'm just not that creative when it comes time to doing this sort of thing.

Ironically the mirror before I had it painted would have worked much better in the space. C'est la vie.

In the meantime, I will search for a tall lamp.... but color/finish will probably depend on how the mirror ends up - don't you think?

Arapaho - in the past year I've totally redone our downstairs - mostly with paint and adding window treatments and lighting. I used existing furniture - moved some around here and there....

Anyway - my good friend recommended the blue our LR. I like it better at night - as it comes off much deeper than during the day. We pulled out the blue from some artwork I have in the room.

Sometimes I want to re-paint it something more subdued.... it's a bit of a departure from what I normally go for.

Anyhoo - here is what you see when you stand in our foyer:

(I've since changed out the table between the two chairs and still need to add some accent pillows)

The blue is not showing properly in my photo... it's called "Summer Nights" by BM. Here it is:

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cyn427 (zone 7)

The link is to The Artful Home catalogue and a lamp by Caryn and Susan Kinzig. I love these lamps and have been trying to find a place for one. Now that I have turned my son's bedroom into a guest room, I may get one of the quirky lamps for in there. Although they are somewhat on the expensive end of the spectrum, I just adore them. Some look to me as if they could get up and dance. There is a floor lamp by them that I would dearly love to have as well. With your mirror, I think one of these could be so much fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Caryn Kinzig lamps

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Is this rug too dark for the entryway?

It's pulling in the blues & golds from the adjacent LR - but I'm afraid it will seem too heavy with the wall color in the foyer

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With this rug:

Now I hate the mirror. ARGH

I think I need to either find another home for it, or try to darken it.

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Cyn - I LOVE the lighting on this site... Can't get over how beautiful those table lamps are.... quite pricey, indeed. But I can use for inspiration.

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I adore that mirror so if you feel it really doesn't work in your house you can send it to me! LOL

I do think it works in your foyer especially painted white as is an unexpected eclectic and unique departure from all the straight lines/squares/rectangles. Don't second guess your choice.

I like the first lamp posted by teacats.

If you could find an Oriental style rug for the foyer with dark blue, sage, and gold colors it would nicely combine the colors you are using.

Love your gallery wall, the dark blue wall color, and really everything in the pics you've posted. I doubt you really need much help as these pics show you have done very well so far with your decor choices. You might try any lamps you have in other rooms to see what height looks best.

I wouldn't put anything on the stairway wall *yet*. It's not necessary unless a blank wall annoys you. Of course I like to decorate over time and always think about things for a long while. What might look good at the start of the stairway is a single vertical rectangular print or photo framed in black, matted in white but I wouldn't repeat a gallery wall going up the stairs.

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I think a lamp like this would be perfect. It echoes the other lighting in the room and brings some of the dark of the chest up. I'd use a white shade.

Marston from Pottery Barn

This one is also good. Again it brings a dark element to the top part of the display.

Clare Buffet Lamp from Crate and Barrel

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geo -- I like that Pottery Barn lamp a lot!

Lucky - thank you for your kind words about my home. I struggle to be able to "pull it all together" -- I don't really have a definite style, and have taken some decorating risks over the last year.

I'm thinking seriously about ordering that rug shown above. The colors look gorgeous - but I wonder if it's too dark. ???

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Janice, I had found this rug last night before seeing the lovely blue room with gold. Just an idea. It looks like a black border but I believe it's a dark blue. It's from Overstock.

Here is a link that might be useful: Overstock rug

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Another I saw but not sure this is your style ... or if the colors are exactly right.

Here is a link that might be useful: Transitional rug

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I think your house is lovely- and I REALLY like the first lamp posted up above (mercury glass).
They are all nice, but that first one I think is just more adaptable and could "work well with others".
I don't see which rug from overstock (it brought up a slew) and the last one on amazon is nice but probably too light (as in will show dirt). I do like the one you are saying might be too dark.
Finally, I really like your existing light fixtures.

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Holly- Kay

Janice your mirror is beautiful. I think you can darken it by using a dark polishing wax. I saw an example of this being done on YouTube.

I love the rug you are thinking of and how it will pull out the beautiful dark blue and golds from the lr and it looks like there is light green in the border that will pull it all together.

Cyn, omg I love the lamp you posted. I have been looking for ages for new lamps and nothing has appealed to me the way that one does and I am totally traditional in my decorating. I so wish I had a spot for the one you posted!

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Found this on ebay -- too bad it's too wide at the bottom. 34" high - 16" wide at the widest part of the glass...

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Arapaho -- thanks for the suggestions... but they don't have a round one. :(

This is the same rug I like (above) - but in a lighter version:

Kinda looks like what I already have... but it has some definite blue in it...


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First of all, I love your home. I actually like the mirror white & think you just need to find the right lamp. I picture something sort of like the mercury glass one, since it has some softness in the lines. I totally would love the EBay one for your space, but it's probably too large...maybe check antique or consignment stores for something along those lines....something original.

Regarding your rug...would a Sisal with black trim work? For some reason, I'm not liking the patterned ones in your space. Check can search just for round rugs. I found one last year that I love, but it is in a oatmeall/taupe color with might even work, because I think it would be very forgiving.

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Holly- Kay

Janice, I love the color of the eBay lamp! So pretty.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Janice, I really like that ebay lamp you found. It is so hard to judge size from pictures, isn't it? I never would have guessed it was 16" wide. :(

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Cyn: I know, right??? - it wasn't listed so I asked the question. The height is perfect -- but that base would just take over the chest. Oh well - I'll continue my search. Chicago has some great antique markets, so I'll have to venture out.

Lizzie: I completely get what you're saying about a patterned rug. We have sisal in our family room and reading nook, and love it. The issue with our foyer is that it is the only way that people come into our house - kids, dog etc. (no mud room - garage and front door spill into this area) I really need a synthetic rug that can handle the occasional muddy/snowy/grassy shoe. With teenage boys and their friends, the entry gets a lot of traffic. So the patterned rug works because it can temporarily hide anything from the outside that is brought in.

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Beautiful home! I wouldn't get the darker rugs. A light patterned rug with green in the same color as your walls would brighten up the whole area. Maybe pastel florals?.

I love the mirror but I would add a glaze to it. Have you thought about using a light colored table runner on the chest to break the contrast? Maybe if you did that you wouldn't need to do anything else to the mirror. Table runners works wonders! Try saying that sentence three times. :)

What color green is that on your walls? That's the exact color I want to do in one of my rooms.

Got anymore pictures we can see? Your house is so pretty! lol

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Oakleyok --
What a great idea -- a runner!

I have some hand embroidered ones that my Aunt made....I will try one of those

The wall color is RH Silver Sage
Here it is in a professionally photographed space:

Obviously, depending on how much light you have will affect the color. In our entryway, it reads more blue/gray, like above. In our upstairs hallway, where there are no windows and just incandescent light, it reads more blue/green. It's a great color, though. I had it color matched by Sherwin Williams.

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Love your home........light, bright and airy! As others have mentioned I think a buffet lamp would look great in the area.

I've kinda scanned the responses so I'm sorry if the following has been said.
I have to agree with Beverly that there is a lot of contrast between the mirror and chest but, IMO, it's more the heaviness of the chest that looks out of place and almost forced in the corner. The last pic in beverly27's post is what I envision in that area, but it may be non-negotiable too. : )

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I'm willing to add something to the mirror - glaze or other finish - to help tone down the white-white; however, I already have quite a bit of $$ into the mirror... If I can attempt it myself, I will.

First, I plan to start with a table runner and lamp - maybe another accessory or two on the chest. (but I'm really bad at accessorizing)

We use the chest as shoe storage so they don't pile up in the entry. I thought girls had shoe obsessions. There must be 15 pairs of shoes/sneakers in there between my two boys. :)

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I love your home! The color on your wall looks a lot like SW sea salt; I have it in my master bath and love it. Sea salt looks great with whites, not as nice with creams. I think you should leave the mirror white and paint the dresser underneath white or a lighter shade of the blue that is in your living room. The dark wood is too much contrast, but go light, not darker. I love the gallery, but I too think you should leave the stairway walls blank. Good luck!

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I've been searching for entry rugs all morning...
I hate to shut down people's suggestions -- but we had that chest refinished a couple of years ago. I don't do that sort of thing... and for the money I'd have to spend to have it painted (I wouldn't want to attempt myself) I'd rather just go out and purchase a new piece.

My goal is to try to make it work...
I've been on the hunt for a new entry rug anyway - I'd like a bit more color there; but it needs to complement the LR.

The color on the walls is RH Silver Sage. I love it too. Especially with the white moulding.

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Ahh, well, then keep the dresser the way it is, of course! I like the crystal based lamps, or a glass lamp the same color as the blue/aqua based rug you have yet to find. I think that you should keep the entry way simple for a color scheme. So, white, silver sage and blue. So, I would not repaint the mirror. It brings texture and presence to the area, without bringing in a new color. I'd focus on finding a rug that is similar in tone as your living room walls. Good luck!

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For the record, I've read all the suggestions/posts. imo, the chest is wrong for the space. The square edge tightens the entrance point from the garage and the area appears crowded to the eye - the dark frame artwork on the wall (right of garage door) closes it in also.

I love the mirror, and the chest, but the chest needs to be moved somewhere else. I would replace with a narrow console table. If the table has any depth to it, it then needs to be a demilune (my first choice) or somewhat rounded.

You don't show the wall to the left of mirror (right of front door), so I don't know if the chest (or a new table) would fit on that wall with the mirror, but that would be a better location unless it would crowd the front door entrance. Looking back at the pictures, the first one shows the LR wall (front door would open against it), so I'm now guessing this wouldn't be a good idea.

The stairway doesn't need two handrails. I would remove the long one on the wall (will open it up visually as well). All you need at the top of the stairs (where the balusters stop) is a small piece of handrail for safety. The removed rail could be cut down and placed on the right side, going up.

Someone said above they wouldn't hang anything on the stairway wall - I wouldn't either, as the eyes need somewhere to rest (and especially if the handrail stays as is). But if the handrail is removed, I would probably hang 3 items (framed photographs by your son, dark frames, different sizes) but only on the wall past the drop down ceiling. Hope that makes sense.

Are you stuck on a round rug? If not, I would try a 5x7 or 4x6.

You have a lovely home!

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Hi Janice,

So the door we are looking at to the right of the chest is the garage door ... and you said the front door is to the left? It may help to get a picture of that if you can.

I see you have a demilune table that Allison mentioned which looks black on the wall perpendicular to your photo wall. Looks like it might be too large for the space where the chest is now?

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If you use a runner, take a picture. Runners can be long too and look nice.

Here are some rugs I found on Although they're listed under "Country," only a few fit the bill to my eye's.

I like the one's with the light green in them. Just a suggestion though!

Here is a link that might be useful: Floral rugs

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Just a quick comment concerning the handrail. I definitely would not get rid of the one on the wall for safety reasons. A neighbor slipped on her stairs and there was nothing to grab. She suffered a very bad fall.

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I'm posting quickly here - in between soccer games!

Some updated photos....

Found a table runner - possibly too frilly.. ??? but breaks up the dark wood.

Really need a new rug -- this has not been an easy search.
This one just blends into the floor - but I can't seem to find one that works with the entryway AND the LR

The light is the right height - shade is wrong color - base too dark -- but am I on the right track here with the style?

No mud room: this is why we need this piece here:

Just another shot of the entryway:

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I may be fighting with that dresser (it's actually an old buffet we had refinished) -- but what if I replaced the large black frame (on side wall) with a grouping of black & white photos in white frames? That could tie into the white mirror.

I keep looking at the first photo and feel like if I find the right rug it will work --
.....or am I just smoking something? (as DH would say...)

I've spent more time on this than I'd like to admit --- I could have come up with a plan to end world hunger....

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I like that runner. AND I need a cabinet like that for shoes, too!

So, to answer your question, yes, I think you are on the right track. A rug with blues, browns, and greens would tie everything together. Keep looking. You will find it-and don't settle for something you don't love. :). Oh, and don't reject out of hand polypropylene rugs there. They are soft, have great colors, and wear like iron. Easy clean, too which is great with boys and dogs (ask me how I know). We had one in our family room which was also our most-used entrance to the house and now our son has it in his home.

Also, Rugs USA is having a 65% off sale for Columbus Day. Might be fun to browse.

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Love your home!
Can you switch the demi Lune table with the entry table? I think they might work better that way.

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Janice, happened to be looking at their sale and saw this. It's wool and not what you had in mind but does come in round. Maybe a rectangle size would work? The sage or blue look like they may go with what you have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Decorator rug

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Thanks... love the color - but size won't work. Even in the rectangle.

What about these:

All are 6 round and good price point.

This post was edited by Janice742 on Mon, Oct 14, 13 at 12:28

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I like the chest a lot better with the runner.

Of the last bunch of rugs you posted, I like the first and the last ones the best. Hey, I just noticed they're the same rug, just different colors!

I like the medallion one as well, but that would be better suited to the blue room. I am not a fan of the blue rug.

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Janice love the last rug can I ask where from?

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Home Decorators!

They have so many nice ones... I'm going to order the first and last in the 2x3 size to see if either will work.

Hopefully one of them will.

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Can't wait to see the two you ordered, especially the charcoal.

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