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puggaOctober 11, 2013

hello gardenwebbers:

I have a somewhat unusual problem I'd like your ideas on. I recently broke my left ankle and left arm and returned home after almost two months in a rehab facility.

I'm anxious to get my two dogs home with me again but am trying to figure out a safe way to let them outside since I'm not really able to handle hooking them up to leashes right now.

I live in a condo complex which doesn't allow permanent structures (fences) to be installed. I'm looking for a simple temporary fencing solution that is somewhat attractive or at least not offensive to my neighbors. I'm thinking something that just spans across my front sidewalk from garage wall on the right to neighbor's wall on the left. I'm attaching a picture to help illustrate. My brother thinks it's about a 15 foot span.

My dogs are small and old so it doesn't need to be super sturdy. One dog is a pug and the other is a little eight-pound dachshund.

Any ideas are truly appreciated. I miss my little sweeties!

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We have a kids configurable playard that we use for the dogs. Ours is in the house and I configure it for however I want to block them from certain rooms. I have seen people use them at campgrounds outside their RVs for their traveling pets. You can buy extensions for it to make it bigger if needed. Ours works well and even though we have big dogs, they never tried to jump it or knock it over.

Here is a link that might be useful: Superyard

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Elraes Miller

There are some inexpensive vinyl garbage surrounds (sounds awful, but they are very decorative). They could be attached with small hinges to span the area, then removed easily later. Many designs. Even a wood 3' fence panel is easy on the pocket book, different syles. Am assuming your little dogs wouldn't jump this. Go to the HD or Lowes site and look at all available. Bought a wood arbor for $40 in craftsman style which I rehabbed as a gate for the front fence. Two would make the width you need and are 3'1/2 high laid on their side.

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Lowes and HD sell these metal gates and fence panels that are very easy to install. They slip over a stake that can easily be put in the grass. I used the gates as a way to keep my dogs out of the living room. I only used 2 gate panels, but you can get any type of configuration you want. I think each panel is less than 3 feet long.

(these were hung a little cattywompus, after some adjusting they now like up perfectly)

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Yep this Lowes NO DIG fencing system seems the perfect solution for your pooches.

I've listed the parts you'll need. Maybe you don't even need the gate, just the fence panels & connecting poles. It won't break the bank. and then you can pull them up after you're healed and walking again.

Since they're black, they won't draw too much attention in the community from your neighbors.

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Pugga, your story almost brought tears to my eye's. Bless your heart!

Any of the above fences would be perfect. Not expensive at all and you can arrange them any way you see fit.

But first you need to contact the manager and both of your neighbors and let them know the situation. Surely they have a heart and won't mind.

Please take it easy and here's hoping your babies come home soon!

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Oh, thank you all so much for the suggestions. I am hoping my brother can take me to Home Depot tomorrow to pick up the materials. Beverly, I really appreciate your effort in figuring out what I would need and the cost! A gate would be ideal but I didn't think such a thing existed for temporary fencing.

My neighbors are all aware of my accident and they all have dogs themselves so I don't anticipate any problem with them turning me in to the landscape board!

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Pugga, Maybe they have the fence at Home Depot too, but this system I posted is from LOWES.

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I bought some low (maybe 2' tall) wire fence, probably from HD years ago. They were panels that hooked together and you can just push them into the ground. They won't stop a German Shepherd from eating your tomatoes (learned the hard way), but they'd probably stop a small elderly dog from getting out of the yard. They were really easy to set up and take down.

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We don't have a Lowe's here in Madison. I'm hoping I'll find something close to that at HD tomorrow. I'm too anxious to have my dogs home with me to wait for an online order!

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I created a temporary fence out of white plastic lattice panels. I think they were 8 feet long by two feet tall. I drilled each end into wood stakes. My miniature schnauzers never tried to jump over. My temporary fence lasted 5 years until a bigger dog joined the family and I had to put up a real fence.

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pugga, my former neighbor was repairing his lawn during the last year - from two pugs and a dingo/shepherd mix. A section at a time, but he did like to let the dogs out for free play time and not just on leashes. He bought the above black temp fencing at Home Depot and it worked out beautifully. He does have a gate. Reconfigures the whole thing every few weeks to replant and strengthen different areas of grass.

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Elraes Miller

HD doesn't have the metal fencing instock like Lowes. Since your Lowes is so far away, for the price, it may be worth having it shipped overnight for you. Usually standard shipping is only 3 days.

I know the love of animals and hope you get them with you soon. They will be a large part of your healing.

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FYI, I saw that exact fencing at Home Depot when I was there this week. Looks like the ideal solution and so easy to install.Now my old dog would have leaped over it with ease, but it sounds like yours would not. My old dog even ran through screen doors. He was determined!

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Thanks to everyone! We went to HD this morning and didn't find the black fencing, which would have been ideal. Instead, I got a couple of six-foot white lattice rectangular trellises that we laid on their side and tied together.

Not as pretty as the black fencing but will serve its purpose. And, best of all, my doggies are home with me and currently snoring at my feet.

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Now that's a happy ending! I love the image and glad everyone is home and cozy.

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Awww, bet they are happy to have you there as you are to have them!

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I'm so glad to hear that you have your dogs home again! It must be such a relief and I'm sure they are so glad to see you. Good luck with healing.

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Elraes Miller

Happy life together. And glad the trellis idea worked. Get well soon.

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Pugga, I'm glad you are home with your little friends. I'm sure you will heal all the faster now.

Beth P.

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I truly appreciate all the good wishes. Gardenwebbers are such a supportive group.

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