Built Ins - Layout Advice Requested

oldbat2beOctober 13, 2013

We're planning a linen closet in a landing area (from the attic stairs), and two built-ins for the family room (adjacent room).

So, consider it three, 15" deep built-ins.

Cabinetry style will be Shaker, with a wider rail, and inset drawers/cabinets. Maybe rich dark wood in linen closet, maybe some sort of gray.

Please offer feedback/comments on the current plans. The round sconces - were just something I picked in the Sketch-up 3-D warehouse. I think I'll need something really sleek to go with our Techlighting K-Hello's (in place, shown in final picture).

Family room built ins (from bottom to top):

Wicker baskets of some sort
AnnieDeighnaugh's pull out stone side table idea
Book shelves (probably, evenly spaced, around 13" each).


What the room currently looks like. Sofa, rug, light, table will all be moved elsewhere. The little brown table - DH made in shop in High School and I make use of it all the time. That, may stay :)

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I think it will look great in your space, very cozy. I like the white in the room as you have it with the baskets and then the dark wood in the hall closet.

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Quoting mjlb on another thread:

"I think the linen closet proportions would be improved by increasing the height of the doors. Currently the piece is divided top/bottom in roughly equal parts, which is less pleasing, IMO. "

Here's a comparison with the taller upper cabinet doors. I think they do look better. Drawers are still 15" tall on the linen closet cabinet, and I think those will be fine.

With respect to color suggestions... Here are planned colors for the sofas I've ordered.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Are the panels under the shelves by the sofa a flip down? If so, you can skip the slides entirely and line the inside of the flip down with formica type product and use them as your end tables. I think that would be easier to use than the slides....the slides, being stone, are heavy. Sort of like the cabinet on the right in the pic...

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Those were drawers but I see what you mean with the suggestion of a flip down. Hmmm.

Alternatively, it could look like a drawer, have a handle, and act sort of like this:

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