Anyone familiar with Source 4 Interiors?

rory1962October 5, 2012

Hello, It's been a long time since I last posted. I am having my sofa reupholstered and finally picked a fabric. Upholstery shop charges $60/yard for the fabric I picked but I knew I could get a better price online so I was researching last night. I was all set to order when I found the fabric for $39.26/yard but shortly thereafter I received an email from Source 4 Interiors in response to an on-line quote I had requested. Source 4 Interior quoted me $21/yard. I am loving this price but it seems too good to be true. Anyone have experience working with them?

Here is the link to the fabric from the manufactures website.

Thanks for any input! Robyn

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I'm just surprised you found an upholstery shop that would do the work if you didn't buy the fabric from them. I would go with the $21/yard source. I've found unbelievable discounts shopping on-line vendors and have never encountered a problem. I just ordered a new door entry set on-line for $50-- exact same one as in a big box hardware retail store for $169!

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Thanks swimmer, The first upholstery shop did charge a different price for the work if I did not order the fabric through them but the second shop said I could bring my own fabric with the same price for labor plus they have free pickup and delivery. I have never had anything reupholstered so I don't know how the shops operate. I guess I am concerned with the low price that it may be a knock-off fabric. I am waiting for a response back from Source 4 Interior asking if the fabric is a second and if they have 17 yards as one piece.


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Annie Deighnaugh

I've always bought fabric and brought it with me to the upholsterer...I've never bought their fabrics....

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If you're worried about quality and customer service from your online source, just be sure to pay with your credit card that has the best consumer protection. If you aren't happy, you can get them to intervene.

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I would ask for a half yard cut before ordering. For ten or twenty dollars, it would be worth the insurance of seeing it yourself.

Also, since you haven't done this before, have you gotten references from customers of your upholsterers? Quality of work can vary dramatically. I learned the hard way never to choose an upholsterer until I had talked to customers, and seen some of what the shop has done.

One shop had several samples on their workshop floor - turns out they had been done elsewhere by another shop.

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I heard back for Source 4 Decorators and they get the fabric directly from the manufacturer but it will take 6 week to get the fabric. I really need this project complete by Thanksgiving and the upholster said if I got the fabric in the next 2 week he could have done by then.

A friend referred me to this shop and when I was talking to the owner a women came in to have some chairs reupholstered and she was a repeat customer. The shop has been in business for years. A Korean husband and wife are the owners - she does the spring work and he does the upholstery.

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Sounds like you're doing this just right!

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With regards to your questions about Source 4 Interiors this is Joni I am the owner of we offer all designer fabrics they are all first quality and instock fabrics are delivered 3-5 day delivery time. We do not offer any 2nds of any kind all come directly from the manufacturer. If you have any questions please visit our site and I would be happy to assist you. I am a designer in Arizona and have been in the fabric business for 18 years and as I said only deal directly with the manufacturer so everything is first quality only.

Here is a link that might be useful: Source 4 Interiors

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