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musicteacherOctober 6, 2012

My entire adult life I have had hand-me-down and garage sale art on my walls, and I think it is time to hang something that actually pleases me! : ) I am in love with this painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence, but don't know where to find it. On line I have seen painting copies that distort everything, poster-like copies with dark colors that lack the glow of the original, Where can I find a copy that doesn't cost a fortune but still is pretty?I hope to find one that doesn't require glass over it.Buying over the internet is scarey because you can't tell what it really looks like. I live outside of Dallas so there should be stores - if I knew where to start.

Also, how should I frame it? My living room looks more like a libary: dark wood floors, picture frame paneled walls, built in bookcases and a tan brick floor to ceiling fireplace where I want the picture to go. Thanks for your help!

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The Calmady Children is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Their web store is down right now, but I'm sure they must offer a good quality print reproduction of such a well-loved painting.

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I'm one of those people who is entirely content with a high-quality reproduction of a beloved thing that will never be mine unless Warren Buffet turns out to have been my real father....

As to framing...

First, the size of the print.
Google "The Calmady Children" for several options of reproductions.

Second, see if you can find an image of the painting as it is framed, and think about using the same style, if you can. will let you pull up the reproduction and try out numerous frame styles.

If you decide to have it done locally, go to the best framer in town, be prepared to spend upwards of $100 to give it a really good framing job, and let them help you. I've been known to spend half an hour at the counter at my favored shop, trying out corners in combination with mats, until it looks just right.

If you opt for a giclee on canvas, you won't need glass. If you choose a print on paper, you will, and unless the image is quite large, I'd recommend a generous, neutral-colored, archival 8-ply mat to give it some room and impact.

In any case, I am a passionate believer that lampshades and picture frames are the worst place to cheap out. It's like wearing an Armani dress with cheap jewelry and a pair of WalMart shoes...

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Here you go, I found it on

Here is a link that might be useful: art print

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>see if you can find an image of the painting as it is framed

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