Suggestions for battery operated window candles

teeda_2006October 26, 2007

I'd like to replace my plug in Christms window candles with the battery operated ones that are on a timer. I saw some at Michael's Crafts, but wasn't sure of the quality or how bright they would be. My house is set pretty far back off the road, so I'd like something as bright as possible. Anyone have suggestions for a particular brand? Thanks--I waited too long last year and want to get a head start for this holiday.

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I've been looking for the plug in type and all I can find is battery operated. They had quite a few at my Lowes. I don't know what to recommend about brand but make sure you read the package for how long they burn. The ones I was looking at said something like 12-20 hours which is why I'm looking for the plug in type. That's only 3 nights or so before the batteries would need replacing. I'm in a new house and specifically had plugs placed under the widows for this purpose.

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I also chose the plug ins since needing many candles I would be replacing batteries every few days. We have a lot of electrical outlets. The few that don't have an electrical outlet nearby I use the battery operated candles. I find them flimsy though. Costco and BJ's usually carry the plug ins for a reasonable price.

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I once changed to battery operated candles. I found they are not near as bright and the batteries do not last long. We have a lot of windows and I wanted to eliminate all the wires and extension cords.. But I found they didnÂt work as I thought they would, It would be so nice if they did! Ree

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i have some great candles from qvc. they have some that are even on timers.

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I have the Bethlehem Light brand from QVC. They are superior to anything I have seen. Here's a pic of one of mine from last year with my tacky looking tape on the window sill.

Mine are corded but they have battery operated as well.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for the responses. Based on your feedback, I decided that battery operated wouldn't provide enough brightness, so I am going to order the Bethlehem corded candles with sensors from QVC. Running around every night and turning on all those candles drove me nuts (I have 13 windows in the front of the house)!

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Hey everyone. I'm looking for some LED cordless candles as well. Has anyone used these, and how do they work? I've seen some on ebay and online that take 2 C batteries and are supposed to be brighter than any other cordless candle. Anyone try these???

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I have a couple cordless LED (made by GE I think), got them several years ago when there weren't a lot of choices in LED. I was disappointed. The 'flame' was a funky orange color and was supposed to flicker, but it was more like a constant nervous twitch ;D

They've probably improved since then?

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Anymore ideas?

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teeda---you will love these. As a matter of fact, I think I will rush the season and go ahead and get mine out. You do not need to order the QVC replacement bulbs. Any nice bulb works well.

Last year someone posted something that would work better than my tacky tape to secure candles to the sill. Does anyone remember that post or the product?

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I bought some of these this year to secure candles in the window. They are called window locks. They are a thick but flexible plastic that slips over the candle, then then you place the tab part under the window as you lower it. I tried one out when it arrived and I think it will work great and not really show much either.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candle Locks

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I once had some wonderful brass window candles and stupidly left them with my ex. They were a heavy base, and in fact, would go quite nicely with my home now. *ack*

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Well, I think I may just go with electric dusk to dawn. I did read some reviews on the brookstone ones, and many say they just are bright enough and the batteries don't last long.

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I just got a catalogue from Gardener's Supply, and they have these LED candles that have a timer. According to their info, they will burn 6 hours a day for 40 days on one set of batteries. They go into your own candleholders.

They also have some other battery candles on their site.

Smart candles

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WARNING about QVC lights. I purchased mine last year but one is already not working, and there is no manufacterer's warrenty. I would not recommend purchasing these lights -- the are expensive, and they have mixed reviews on the QVC website so apparently I'm not the only one who has had problems.

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I bought the dusk to dawn plug in candle lights. The light is not as bright as I would like. The other problem is I live in a house that was built in the late 50's and I am having to use extension cords. The main reason for not using the battery operated ones was the expense of replacing the batteries.

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When we restored our home I wanted candles in the windows.We have 24 + windows.So we wired all ours together.Theres a box in each window sill with candle on it.MINe are big its a tin candle stick with handles.All I do is flip the switch on and at night bedtime turn the switch off.Really nice.

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I ordered the Bethlehem sensor/timer candles from QVC. So far, I'm really pleased with them. The sensors work great, and the light is nice and bright. The candles themselves are attractive as well. They have long cords, so I don't need as many extension cords as I did with my previous candles.

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