New chandelier purchase in future I think

EG3dOctober 4, 2012

This chandelier is now on sale,finally. I have been watching it for a few years now. It's a plug in style so I can take it with me when I move.

It will go in this room:

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That is a very lovely chandelier and it looks like it will work fantastically well in your room. (I just can't tell about the size /scale which would be my only question but from the looks of it, great!!)

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You can take any of your lighting fixtures, as long as you leave something in there place. The PO's of our house left a brand new, cheap fixture in the DR when they moved out--with one or two 25 watt bulbs.

The one you've chosen will look very nice in your DR!

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Yes, but make sure you change them out before going on the market or be sure to exclude them in the listing and any contracts.

It is very pretty, but looks small in the photo.

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Thanks all! It is a plug in style and so I just hang it from a hook that I would screw into the ceiling and swag the chain and cord over to a corner. It is not large but for this smaller room it would work. I have seen it in person and it is attractive. In the future if I was in a house with a real dining space with a chandelier I could use this one in the master bedroom too. I am renting.

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pretty room! I saw your sideboard before when you were helping me with mine, it's nice to see the whole room! I like the chandelier, and I think being able to take it with you is an added bonus!

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It's pretty and looks like it will coordinate well with your room. I too, worry that it may be too small. Perhaps it's just the picture?

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Thank you. It is a bit small especially if I had a real dining room like I have had in the past homes but this "dining room" is really a bedroom being used as a dining room / office. A big light figure would be overpowering in this room. There is a lot of stuff in here. I just love the color of this chandelier! Thanks again!!

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It's a wonderful chandelier and works well with your beautiful inky black kitty :)

(I used to have an orange cat. She looked good in all my rooms. She was my favorite "accent piece"!)

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Ok, thank you so much. Now for a smaller chandelier like this do I hang it 36" above the table? Lower? Higher? What's nice about a non-hardwire type of chandelier like this one is that I can easily change the hanging distance.

This black cat is Josh; his black sister is Jackie. They used to be feral cats. I thought I was feeding one black ct and when I set the trap to capture the cat with the hurt leg, Josh walked into the trap first. He fooled me making me think I had caught the cat with the hurt leg; he was joshing with me; hence the name Josh. I set the trap again the next day and in walked Jackie. After getting them shots, neutered and a surgery for Jackie's leg and a month of recovery separated from my dog and other cat, they settled in. He is a doll.

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Very sweet that you "watched that chandelier for years". Sometimes you just know when something or someone "belongs" with you!

There was an old antique shop that had a beautiful, one of a kind, ceramic fish in the display window. I use to pass the store, called The Old Victorian shop, and admire the ceramic fish for a good part of a year until it disappeared from the window. I was 17 at the time and was able to see the tiny and unaffordable $300 price tag.
Many years later, after I married, I was invited to my mother-in-laws friend's house and noticed the same ceramic fish resting on her fire place mantle! The friend said she bought it from The Old Victorian shop.
My mother-in-law noticed how delighted I was when I saw this beautiful piece that I admired many years ago in a store window.
To my surprise, my mother-in-law purchased the fish from her friend (who had planned on selling it at a tag sale) and gave it to me as a gift! It now sits on my fire place mantle.
The photo doesnt do it justice. It is truly a beautiful piece.
Enjoy your chandelier!

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