What exactly are Joss & Main etc selling?

sjhockeyfan325October 11, 2013

I live to browse through their offerings (Joss & Main, One King's Lane, any others?) but I have no idea what they're selling. Are their products clearance items from someplace? Do they get quality (many items are final sale)?

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I don't know if their sources are overstocks or closeouts from businesses or the manufacturers, but I've ordered from Joss and Main and gotten the same high quality items that I'd seen in the stores. One piece I ordered was tabletop, part of a collection that I already have some of, and it was exactly the same stuff, not a look-alike.

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Wayfair.com owns Joss & Main. I'm pretty sure it is just a different way to market products they already sell on Wayfair that are currently on "sale." (The "sale" isn't exactly true always, but it is a marketing approach that works with some people.)

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I hate to admit that I do shop on Joss&Main, as well as, One Kings Lane. I am a compulsive shopper - so I tend to buy when I'm not even sure of the size or the need of the item....
I've been happy with the majority of my purchases - but, I think they need to have a review section for items. Many items have been listed numerous times so previous purchasers could write a review.
I do wish more items were allowed to be returned.

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Besides the vintage stuff, I think all the products J&M and OKL sells are new. I have purchased from OKL before and had mostly good experiences. One wasn't though. They had Cunill brand sterling frames on sale and I have purchased other Cunill items from b&m stores and what they were offering was a great deal so I bought a frame. When I got it, it wasn't packaged like Cunill frames, nor did it have the same markings. When I looked it up, it was a subsidiary (cheaper) brand of Cunill. Totally not acceptable!! When I emailed they did their research and agreed with me and allowed me to return it, even though it was final sale.

Another interesting thing that I realized is that many designers that have items for sale will do a sale on OKL or the like to get rid of items, and of course to reach a larger audience. There was a local designer that had a beautiful silver tray in the window. It was marked as sterling and I decided to purchase it. Went home, looked up markings only to find out it was silver-plate. I called and of course they took it back and apologized for the mistake, saying they were told it was sterling. I offered what I thought was fair for plate but they said no. Fast forward a few months and they were hawking it on OKL for an absurd amount. They never sold it as it is still in their window, 2 1/2 years later.

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I posted this on a previous J and M thread:

Joss and Main is a flash sale site for Wayfair. If I am considering J and M furniture I am often able to find the manufacturer by Googling specific dimensions. I just cut and paste from the Joss and Main description. I occasionally luck out Googling descriptions of rugs and other items but it doesn't work as well as the furniture trick.
Unless there is a clearance sale, J and M prices plus shipping are often only slightly better than Wayfair. And Wayfair usually has a better return policy.

I did find a great deal on some side tables on J and M but never received them because they supposedly sold out.

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Check out the Wikipedia entry for Wayfair. It makes for interesting reading.

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Thanks for suggesting the Wikipedia entry -- it is interesting!
I didn't know that the ubiquitous Dwell Studio was part of Wayfair.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wayfair Wikipedia entry

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Wayfair only recently purchased Dwell Studio.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dwell Studio purchase

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New York magazine just ran an article on 'Boom Brands' and One Kings Lane was featured. It was very enlightening.

Here is a link that might be useful: One Kings Lane

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I find a lot of their stuff at TJMaxx and Homegoods for what it's worth

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Yes, but I can browse while at work or at home on J&M and One King's Lane, etc. I don't have to visit the store for a "hit or miss" experience.

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I too am intrigued by One King's Lane (haven't checked out Joss & Main yet), but I have not purchased anything. I occasionally find vintage furniture that I'm interested in, but I'm uncertain about purchasing. I worry if I'll be pleased by the item in person. But I also have seen crazy prices on there. My significant other bought me a carved jewelry box on a trip once. I'm sure he paid under $100 (probably under $50). I saw the same box on OKL the other day, listed as "vintage" for $300!!

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You really have to do your research on OneKingsLane items. Some of their prices are reasonable and some are way higher than they should be. When they first started, their shipping and handling charges were exorbitant, but I've noticed that they've lowered those significantly. The three resources I use when checking out products on any of the flash sales sites are Amazon for both prices and reviews, Google image search for prices and availability and eBay for prices on vintage items.

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How do you do google image search?

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Elraes Miller

Wayfair is higher priced than other options. I usually look at an item and then google it for lower prices. As a site, not sure personally if I even like what they have. Walmart uses them for most purchases. Haven't gone to the other sites as I am off the signup deal, too many junk mails occur when this is done.

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Search by image:

Here is a link that might be useful: Image search

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I just went to Joss and Main for the first time. A pop-up box asked for my e-mail. I clicked on the box, "why we ask for e-mail." The e-mail box just reappears. I guess they don't want to answer the question.

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I will also own up to surfing both sites (plus HauteLook, Gilt, Belle & Clive and the link), and have taken the plunge and bought a few items from JnM. (I have bought clothing through their equivalents -- quite successfully).

I agree about JnM -- you have to be careful and research the items. The tables I bought were available in regular B&M and online furniture stores with the normal brand name replaced. The ones I bought were about 30 to 50% off the price elsewhere. Thus, a good deal. When they arrived, it was clear that it was direct shipped straight from the manufacturer and was the same merchandise sold elsewhere.

But I've seen other stuff that is full price. And some of the stuff offered is not normally sold online (usually restricted to authorized B&M dealers), while some of it can even be found in your local TJMax I have not taken the plunge and purchased vintage from any of the sites.

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I was about to purchase a console table from the Joss & Main website. Not a huge table, quite narrow and about 30 inches in length. The item was about $290.

Then they indicated the shipping for this item. (ready?) $180.

After my eyes finished popping out of my head, I decided to contact Joss & Main as I was sure this was a mistake. Nope. It was the real shipping price.

That was the last time I tried shopping there! I was really bummed, too. I liked the console a lot but not enough to pay almost twice for a $300 item!!!

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I haven't purchased from J & M. I bought from OKL several years ago. the items were not as advertised. I purchased a few pans described as Demeyere made in Belgium but they were their lesser Resto line made in China. I will never buy anything else from them. I have also purchased numerous items from Rue La La. I always google the item to see if the price is good. In the past I got some great deals but more and more the prices seem similar to other online prices. But I still check them out fairly regularly.

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Has anyone ordered furniture from Wayfair? I found a set I like but in researching them, I found such negative feed back. When people placed their order, the credit card was immediately charged, then they went months without receiving the item. Whey they tried to contact customer service, they were given the run around and were charging higher prices. When the company responded to negative comments, it was always to say the person never placed the order. BBB gives them an A+ rating but am not sure how that works. Please let me know if you ordered from them successfully.

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I remember Wayfair being a reseller on eBay and the Amazon market several years ago. I purchased a few things from them on both ebay and amazon back before they had their own website, but never received any of them. They did refund my money after I demanded it, when I had waited weeks for my items and contacted them, only to be told they were on back order. However, if I hadn't contacted them myself, I guess they weren't going to bother to let me know.

What was happening was that Wayfair was relisting items from other online sites and would order it from those sites after someone ordered it from Wayfair. It's hugely against both ebay and Amazon's selling guidelines, but sellers still do it anyway.

Now that Wayfair has it's own site, I see tons and tons of bad reviews about people never receiving their items. Seems like a slippery business plan to me, and the way they're expanding and purchasing so many other brands and websites seems like they're operating under a cloak and using money from instant credit charges to customers to leverage their buying power in the market. Seems like a lot of customers are paying for items, but not receiving them for a long time, if ever. Of course, some transactions are going through just fine, but mine never did, and I'm not going to do business with them anymore.

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I've purchased several items from Wayfair with no issues (lights, lamps). In fact, those items arrived within days. I suspect most/all items are direct ship from the manufacturers, which is a pretty common model these days and is likely the source of most delays/mistakes. I did have problems with a mirror I ordered, which arrived broken. When the replacement arrived, it too was broken. They agreed to cancel the order and issued a full refund. Since the mirror was obviously being shipped direct from the maker, it was clear to me the second time that the manufacturer's packaging was not robust enough to survive the journey.

Wayfair is the new brand name for CSN and its consolidated set of -- the brand launched in Sept 2011. I remember ordering from one of the many CSN stores successfully, back before Wayfair was launched last year.

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I have bought a ton of stuff for our home through Joss & Main (a lot of lighting, some furniture & rugs). Like the above poster quoted, I just do a Google image search of the item & can always find the manufacturer. I think they change the names of items (particularly lighting) because they are an authorized dealer but cannot sell the items that low in the regular marketplace. Our lighting quote (contractor's pricing) through a local division of a huge distributor of home items (plumbing, lighting, etc) was much higher than what I ended up getting through J&M, plus no tax or freight. There was no other option for getting it lower, even online with coupons because the pricing is controlled.

I don't like to pay for shipping & unless it's something I have been eyeing, I won't buy it if the shipping is high. Quite often the prices are less, even with shipping. On several larger freight delivered pieces, there was no delivery charge. Those items were an absolute steal!

I also worked out a deal with the J&M concierge program that I get 10% credit once I reach a certain amount of money spent. That's a great perk if you are buying a lot of stuff.

The only caveat is it being a needle in a haystack. I had plenty of time to find the items I need, but I have amassed these items over the course of many months & then had to deal with storage in our rental home.

OKL is a nice site with more quality items, but it is also a lot more expensive & I find the shipping to be astronomical (like RH or PB).

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Hmm, read the wikipedia entry based on the comments....I am curious, why did other forum members find the information "interesting"? Just curious.....

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For those who order from Joss and Main, I received an email that said you can buy today and get 9.95 shipping with free shipping for 30 more days.

Note: Not working for really lg furniture although it will for carpets and such..

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