SW whole weat or believable buff pics

pippi81September 23, 2010

Hi! I posted an earlier message about painting my kitchen with oak cabinets. I have had multiple suggestions to use SW whole wheat or believable buff. Does anyone have a picture to share where they used these colors with oak cabinets? I have the color swatches, but the color looks so similar to the color of the wood I wonder if the color will sort of "blah" out. Then again, I'm not trying to draw attention to the 90s oak. So maybe it'd be a good thing? A picture would sure help!

Thanks to everyone for the kind advice! So far my favorite is BM olive branch. I think I may be going green. (: Thanks sheesharee!

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I hope this helps a little! As I said in the previous post, I am currently repainting all of my oak. The base boards and windows were in terrible shape. When I painted my kitchen SW Believable Buff (top photo) I felt like I could handle the oak a bit longer. I painted the bottom portion a chocolate brown with a flat and satin stripe. In the second photo, the walls around the door are Whole Wheat and the walls that you can barely see on the sides are Believable Buff. I like the colors a lot but they tend to have a slight green cast in my house and in the kitchen especially. Our house is surrounded by trees and it really affects color.

I have been yearning for a crisp, clean more contemporary look (but NOT cold) so I felt like I wanted to paint my cabinets. There is a TON of oak in house! It's been quite the job. I eat, sleep and breathe (literally) paint.

Your house looks very nice, by the way!

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Thanks! You have a great eye! Our neutral khaki color (called Cincinnati Hotel by Valspar) also casts a green hue. This is making it difficult to find coordinating colors in other rooms. Don't you hate it when a neutral turns out not so neutral after all? (= It looks like Believable Buff is too close to our Cincinnati Hotel, but Whole Wheat is a bit darker and might be a possibility. I'll be sure to post an after picture when we get there. It might be a while yet. (=

Oh, we also had to paint all the trim in our house. Fortunately for us we were having all the floors replaced, so we quickly slopped on a bunch of paint and smeared it all over the floor and walls (knowing new floors were coming and we were planning on painting the walls). It was STILL a huge job, but much much easier this way. So worth it in the end! Good luck!

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Here's Whole Wheat in my Living Room. It's so hard to get a true representation of the color when taking a picture. It's definitely a medium/dark gold color with a slight greenish undertone. IRL it looks more like #2 but a tad lighter.

here's with the flash

and here's with no flash

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Not sure if this helps since my cabinets are maple that are stained cherry, but I have oak floors so maybe you can get an idea of the SW Whole Wheat with the oak.

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