Looking for ideas for baseboards and door frames

aggieroseSeptember 6, 2012

I'm needing some ideas and thought I'd come to the best place I know to get some! We are wanting to replace the baseboards and door frames in the house we just bought. We would like for them to have more of a custom look as well as be a little more contemporary. What is there now is what the builder installed 10 years ago. We were even thinking of just 1x4's for baseboards with maybe a half round on top? We could use the 1x4's for the doorframes as well, but would like to add something on the top of the door with a little more interest. Does anyone have some pictures of what they have done that you could share?

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Have you seen this? Sounds like just what you are talking about. Sarah Susanka is one of my absolute favorite architects.

Here is a link that might be useful: Susanka Trim Detail

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I was looking for something little different for the house I just completed. I was replacing the doors and using a simple craftsman type door and shaker cabinets. I used an idea from a 1920's house I owned which was back banding a 1X4 and then I just used plain 1x4's for the base. From June 8, 2012 From June 8, 2012

I am moving and currently renovating the new house. I am using the craftsman doors again but found 1x4's I used in the last house to be a little too heavy looking once I got them all in so I ordered all the moldings for the new house from a lumber yard and went with a similar look but the backband is built into the molding and the base is thinner. I chose 420 for my door and window casings and 433LM for my base from the attached catalogue. Both very simple but different from what you get at the big box stores and see in most houses. No pictures to show, I have 1000 sq ft in the garage waiting to be installed. I negotiated the price and got it for less than I would have paid at the big box store.

Here is a link that might be useful: Millworks catalogue

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