Would this work for kitchen towel storage?

mary_lu_gwSeptember 19, 2012

We recently bought a harvest table for a sideboard in the kitchen. Previously we had a possum belly table there. I always stored my dish/hand towels etc. in the large drawer. With the new table I don't have any place to store my towels. Had an idea to put a basket under the table and use it for storage. However I was concerned about dragging the basket in and out and damaging the pine floor over time.

Came across this recycling basket at Pottery Barn. It is large enough that I thought I could even store extra rolls of paper towels in it as well. What do you think, could it work?

recycling basket 25" wide x 16.5" deep x 15" high

another basket but no wheels 19" wide x 14" deep x 16" high

table -- the table has been pulled down toward the butter churn, so there would be room for either basket without covering the register.

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Absolutely, it's gorgeous.

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Beautiful table! I have a large , open and shallow ( compred to the ' boxes' shown here ) woven basket on a shelf beneath the free standing island . It holds lots : two seasonal runners, one smaller tableclth, cloth napkins, small chip, cracker appetizer wicker baskets, and, yes, kitchen towls! I stick a roll of paper towels there as well. Everyting is attractive, and handy. No need to pull the basket out....just reach over for needed item, or squat down for less often used things under towels. Oh, and for a few grab fast towels and oven mitts, etc., i I keep those in a antique mixing bowel on the counter.

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Oh wow I think it's all beautiful! The ONLY drawback I see (for me) would be bending over for the dish towels. I go through a few per day. On the other hand, how lazy can I be? LOL I guess if you have a healthy back then it's okay.

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Great idea, especially like the PB one, as it's on wheels and won't ruin the floor!

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Beautiful table and floor! My choice would be the one on wheels.

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Oops. Did not see/ the register. I'd go for the wheeled basket. The darker color is nice, but raising the top just adds more work. A
Also, without a lid, the basket can overflow a bit, providing the overflow is attractive.
Ha! Sameboat, this lazy southern girl also hates frequent exercize: I.e. bending over! That,s why i keep several in a good looking bowl on the counter. I long go tossed out all the random towels and keep only colors that go in the kitchen....those that feel and llook good.

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I think a basket under a harvest table would be appropriate.

I also like the one with the wheels. Seems like it would be easier to use and versatile if you want to repurpose it down the road.

The one with the lid will likely require you to slide it out every time you want to open it because the lid will probably run into the table. You could put felt or sliders on the bottom to protect the floor, but I'd make sure you want the lid enough to have to pull it out and open it each time you need a towel or put laundered ones away. You can keep your towels looking neat and seeing them wouldn't bother me -- especially with the harvest table. There is a functionality and simplicity to that -- but it you might gather pet hair, dust or dirt near the floor, a lid might be a good thing.

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yayagal, thanks for the "yes" vote!

martinca, I had first thought of a more shallow box, but thought with the deeper box you would be less likely to see into the box if it was messy! :-) Also with no shelf to put it on, I would have to reach down much further to grab the basket?

sameboat, that is a consideration, as I do have some back problems, but with this old house I get to do a lot of bending anyway, so what's a little more?

mpmg46, that was my thought too. We will be refinishing these floors soon, and would not want to damage them after taking the time to refinish.

lynn, thanks. The floors are original pine. Our house was built in 1868. So some imperfections for sure, but don't want to add any more than I can help.

lascatx, hmmmm...didn't think about the cat hair and dust. Will have to give that more thought. I swear my cat should be bald with all the hair I have around the house! Maybe the covered one would be better, but it is smaller. Was thinking the one with wheels and it is bigger but not quite as tall. However I do like the look of the leather strap/latch on that one.

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Since you have a cat, you don't want one that doesn't have a lid. A basket of towels would be a cat magnet. We used to have a basket of towels in our bathroom. Didn't last for long. You don't want to be drying yourself off with a hairy towel!

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You know what I think would be perfect? A "Bushel Basket." You can find them at any farm stores. We use them to gather veggies in the garden.

They come in different sizes and colors also. What I would do is find one on the small side and set it on top of the table instead of under it.

I have this "thing" about spiders getting into things on the floor. lol

Here is a link that might be useful: Bushel Baskets

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I found a great website with different sized baskets. I'm going to order some for myself for home decor. Dirt cheap prices!

You could roll your towels and stick them vertically in a basket.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nice!

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Oakleyoak, lovin the baskets. We used several of these types of baskets for dd's wedding 2 yrs ago and Lots of mason jars.

MaryLu--I adore your table! I would definitely put one of Oakley's baskets on top of it for your kitchen towels. Maybe the squat red one.

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jeane gallo, I know what you mean. Kitty does love to climb into anything high and soft to sleep. However if the basket is tall there would not be a lot of "room" to jump in under the table.

oakleyok, I never thought of a bushel basket. That might look really nice. I see that you can order a lid for them too. That might solve the problem of Kitty jumping in. I wonder how sturdy they are? Thank for the links. For that money I might just order one and see how they look!

red lover, Doubt I would set in on top of the table though. We purchased this table for more counter space, so don't want to add more stuff to the top and fill it up. We already have the coffee pot, knife block, bread box, and paper towel holder on the top. Plus my towel storage always gets messy. :-) But maybe I should order a small one to put my fresh fruit in?

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I would put the towels in a drawer or closed cupboard and find something else to store in the basket. Surely you have items that are not used as frequently as towels are that you can move. I like towels to be kept dust and pet fur free and drawers do that. Having towels within inches of the floor in a basket would compromise their cleanliness for me. My cats would, without a doubt, sneak into any open basket.

I like the look of that closed basket for storage and two might fit under the table which would provide lots of storage.

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