only the french would make a sink like this

mtnrdredux_gwSeptember 5, 2012

I just love this vintage sink, supposedly French.

And we American wusses are so afraid of wood near water!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Annie Deighnaugh

Ah many times at the old sink at home did I end up with a cold, wet tummy from leaning up against the sink while doing dishes....most unpleasant. I suppose the wood would absorb some of the water and be a lot warmer than the china....just make sure there aren't any splinters! Ouch!!!

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This is my favorite sink of all time. I love almost all the pictures that this realtor in NJ posts. And she takes great pics of her own too.

Here is a link that might be useful: french sink

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I love the French sink and the potting sink...that is why I have this has wood all along the right-hand side...was supposed to meet a counter on that side, I was told.

rafor I am going to go back and check out that blog...beautiful. c

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Oh where, oh where, could I put a French potting sink??? Serious sink envy here, but I have no place to put one. Where did you find that, trailrunner? It's gorgeous!

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I will link the salvage place that I got the my kitchen sink from them too ! The big potting sink is in my was $450...all cleaned and seams resealed too. This is a very conscientious company. Look on Craigslist too and salvage places...most people donot want these big old sinks and just give them away..they weigh a ton. Hope you can find one. c

Here is a link that might be useful: Noreast salvage

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That was a steal, trailrunner. Last winter I had a piece of soapstone cut to go under a small woodburning stove and it cost me $300! The piece was about the size of the slab you have under the bowl on the right.

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Trailrunner -- arent you in Alabama or some place Southern? DId you travel to Noreast for your sink? We bought a sink there, too. And a few others in Exeter. Do they have these places in your area, or was there some reason you came this way? Or did you travel for the sink! It is beautiful

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trailrunnerbiker did pay a lot ! I paid $100 for all the soapstone around the Alberene sink in the sunroom, stone and finish combined ! He cut it and finished it and did a great job. It is soapstone I sourced after I got the sink as I didn't have enough..he is in GA and I have sent several GW folks to him. Great guy and a real artisan. He does all the mansions in the GA mts. and Atlanta. kitchen reno was "before your time " :), over 6 years ago. I spent a year planning what I wanted to do and securing the items at Nor'east that I wanted to use to accomplish the look I was after....namely "it has always been here". My house was built in 1890 and not much remained of the original.

They worked with me at Nor'east and saved the items that I wanted for about 6 months. We emailed and talked extensively on the phone. When the time came to get everything they packed it in bubble wrap and secured it to pallets and it came on a Roadway truck to my carport. Voila !! I had me some NH salvage.

I purchased : 8 Arts and Craft 48" tall windows for kitchen cab doors, 2 leaded glass windows for transoms, 1 stained glass window for a transom. 1 claw foot tub, 1 soapstone kitchen sink- antique, 1 large antique Alberene soapstone sink for the sunroom, 1 cherry, built- in china cab that I repurposed into a display photos in the DR... 2 soapstone slabs for kitchen counters--baking area and oven landing area. I think that is it.

Everything was packed beautifully and was quite inexpensive to ship...this was of course over 6 yrs ago. I do live in AL and we have no salvage of this sort in this area. I could have driven hither and yon and tried Atlanta and Birmingham but I didn't have that kind of time to look...I had my Mom living with us and she was ill and I also was working full time as a dishwasher at DS1's restaurant. Shopping online with the lovely folks at Nor'east was the perfect answer.

I am glad ya'll like the sink. They have a great selection now too ! I just looked. And for anyone doing an unfitted kitchen they have a ton of cabs. c

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and so you have never been there? That is a wild story! I would think they have salvage everywhere --- i love salvage

Is there a link to your kitchen, Trail? I think ive only seen parts of it

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Thanks for the link! I'm going today to see what treasures I can find.

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mtn...yes it should be on my page but here is the photo bucket link. lots of pics...most labeled. Nope never went up there...and yes there is salvage everywhere...but it most definitely isn't all created equal :) c

Here is a link that might be useful: Final Kitchen

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