Exterior Door Dilemma

KdrosasSeptember 1, 2012

I'm hoping someone with an outside perspective might be able to help with my front door dilemma.

Before we bought this home as-is the owner decided to slap on a messy coat of a grey, flat latex on the door. He also covered the weather stripping and got it on the hardware. I need to re-do this door ASAP before it drives me batty, however I have no clue what color I should choose.

I love the grey bricks and was hoping for a yellow door but the windows have gold lines so I'm forced to work with them. I have wondered if there is a way to cover them or replace them too. A new door is out of the budget completely since we are DIYing the bathroom reno and have a million other projects going too.

When painting the door would you re-paint the sidelights the same color or white? And of course, what color do you think would work? I plan on painting the post lights black this week. I think we are keeping the shutter black also.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I love the color below with gray and I'd paint the door and side light windows.

Here is a link that might be useful: door paint

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I'd go with a deep green color, and maybe remove the shutters which looks too narrow. Very nice house!

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I agree with tinan about green, but I would go with a medium grey-green, which would compliment the grey in the brick and the green tones in the roof.

Another choice for the door that could be lovely would be a grey plum.

I would change the shutter color to more of a medium/dark charcoal grey - softer and more elegant than the black.

I, too, would remove the shutters on the front left and right windows, because they are too small. You could keep the ones on the part of the house that is set back. If you still want shutters on all the windows, then imo you need to invest in properly sized shutters for the larger windows.

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Take thehardware off the door. Put it in a pot of boiling water. Boil about 10 min - this softens the paint. Remove each piece, on at a time - The paint will come off easily by rubbing or by scraping with a plastic putty knife and toothpicks. This method also preserves any patina that's already on the door knob..

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Annie Deighnaugh

You could go with a soft gold tone if you have that in the windows....like BM Millington gold

But I would like to see a color like BM Aegean Teal which would go great with the gold and the gray bricks.

I agree about the shutters that they are too small and should be enlarged if you wish to keep them, and I would paint them a charcoal gray like BM smoke gray rather than black which is too harsh and cold.

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Take a close look (and maybe a photo) of your windows from the inside. Sometimes you can remove the mullions to paint them.

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I like your house! It is a nice and interesting version of the classic ranch. The brick is especially arresting.

I would take the long view on this project. Any "fun" color will make the brick look cheap--- which is anything but true and something you want to avoid at all costs. I would paint the door a lovely, glossy metallic pewter, and would do the sidelights in the same color. When it is time to replace the roof I would do that in a light charcoal gray, and either remove the shutters or replace them with a darker charcoal than the roof--- but not black. Green is spectacular with the brick, and you have lots of it --enough of it, and the real green that looks great---with your landscaping and grass.

IMO, trying to introduce bright colors with the white brick will take it from a classic look to a vaguely preschool look, which would do the house a dusservice.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

You can replace the glass in the door. Check at a glass place (the shops usually replace windshields, etc). All they need is a measurement to cut new glass and they can probably recommend an installer if you don't have a handyman.

I would also get rid of the shutters and darken the door and sidelights-maybe the darker shade in the brick which would be like the pewter kswl suggests, but not metallic. I am also a fan of plum for doors.

Great house, btw! Please post a pic when you have painted!

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I kind of like the smoky gray that Annie posted. Sorry the pics are so small - not sure why they're coming across that way.

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I'm just reading the replies tonight (after spending all day painting one of the post lights and prepping the other, whew!) and the suggestions are already so helpful. Thank goodness I asked!

Also, I never even noticed the teeny shutters. Now that it has been mentioned I completely agree and want to fix that issue ASAP.

Because the lines in the window are black does this limit my shutter color options? I love the idea of the pewter shutter/door as mentioned by a few people. Just wondering about the lines. We won't be replacing the windows for a long time so I have to embrace them!

Thanks so much. I've only posted twice here so far but have received such help!

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