black metal headboard -- will it look okay?

jodokusSeptember 19, 2012

I'm very challenged when it comes to decorating.

Here's the situation. I have a queen bed on a frame but no headboard. I found a nice, inexpensive metal headboard. It is black. I don't have anything black in the room except a couple picture frames, so I'm wondering if introducing yet another color to the room is going to be bad. Here's what I have now:

*beech hardwood floor (with some knots)-- the floor is sort of a rich yellowish amber shade -- light, but not super light;

*bluish-grey walls, very muted and soft;

*medium-dark wood furniture;

*white macrame lace curtains hung on a bronze rod;

*white & grey chenille bedspread;

*there are some gold door hinges that show (gasp! gold! it's that 1970s-1980s gold! I suppose that can be replaced easy enough.)

So now I'm just wondering if introducing black to this mix is going to be too discombobulated. I'm worried about the bronze curtain rod versus the black metal headboard. (I could paint the curtain rod black easily enough.)

I don't want one of those blah looking monotone rooms, but I also don't want a big mishmash where everything is competing against each other. You all always have such good advice. Please help!

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If it were me, I'd paint the headboard either brown or white to blend it better.

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Thanks, yayagal. I agree with you. The more I think about it, the more I realize black just won't work!

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Can you post a photo of the room? And the headboard.

A black metal headboard might not be my first choice for a room, because it is a hard surface, but what you have isn't necessarily competing against one another.

BTW, most everyone has gold door hinges. Don't worry about that. What do you have for lighting? Area rug? Pictures on the walls?

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Since we cannot see the room, its hard to tell if the black would work or not. I like an eclectic look in a room and that leads me think it might not be bad at all.

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My metal headboard was black and I took it out back with a can of Tremclad Hammered metal paint (medium brown).
Durable, and changed the whole look ...

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I am a fan of black metal headboards of the wrought iron-look. I find them versatile and pretty, and wouldn't hesitate to use one with the colors in your room. If you're talking about a more severe or solid headboard, that's a different story.

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