Decorating the Front Porch - Hanging 'Art' on Vinyl Siding

prairiedawnpamSeptember 12, 2010

I need *something* to the left of my door to give it symmetry with the steps.

My ideas, so far, are:

1 -- a hanging rattan swing (kijiji find)

2 -- a hanging porch light (would be large and probably expensive and Hubby might get mad)

3 -- a plant stand (a find, whenever I find it)

4 -- a potted faux evergreen (because a real one would never survive our -30 winters)


5 -- a collection of "art" or shelves


6 -- this heavy iron and mirror piece of "art" that I already own

If I go with the mirror, can you tell me what to use to hang a *heavy* item on vinyl siding?


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What a cute house!

No -- but the guys at the hardware store can tell you, and show you, the right thing to hang anything on anything.

Did you look at the Porches thread in the Gallery? It's brand new; I just started it. But there are already 20 pictures of cute porches/etc. in there. Maybe you'll get an inspiration? I'll be adding more pictures as time goes on, so be sure to check back too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Porches picture thread

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i would think that the mirror would get dirtier outside than inside... it would drive me crazy frequently trying to clean it with all of the iron design...
i think the size of that mirror would be nice tho...
maybe an outdoor baker's/gardener's rack would be nice there... then you wouldn't have to put any holes in the siding...

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I like Busybee's ida of an outdoor gardener's rack. Wouldn't a mirror in -30 degrees be susceptible to cracking?

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Thanks for your ideas and the link to the gallery. I'll be adding pics to the gallery, for sure.

Well I did more research last night and apparently, the only safe option for hanging on vinyl siding is to use siding hooks they can't hold more than 10lbs. (Nails, etc. puncture the siding and make it vulnerable to moisture.) So, I'm back on kijiji and CL looking for an outdoor plant stand. In the meantime I may put our Christmas faux evergreens out there.


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I like the place the way it is! A piece of furniture, even a skinny plant stand would be crowding I think unless you move the seat which looks fabulous where it is. Maybe put a cascading flower and vine combination coming out of that basket on the wall.

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Don't know about vinyl siding hanging stuff, but I do know how to hang a really heavy weight mirror. In fact, my DH is in the process of hanging one inside our Cape up in Massachusetts now.

It takes two boards, one mounted on the wall and one mounted on the back of the mirror. The long edge of the wall-mounted board is sliced at an angle to allow the mirror-mounted board to mate with it, and thus spread out the load across the width of the board. If I can draw it out for you with keyboard strokes, I'd do it.

]__\ is the basic shape. The slanted angle is on a long edge of the board. I'd make it a 2" thick board at least.
The two boards come together so that the edges are like this \\ .....Hope that shows you.

With your mirror, a second row of wood near the bottom might secure it against any wind trying to twist it. But basically, this will hold up a LOT of weight.

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What about putting your house number or name on the wall?

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If you are set on a plant stand. How about a metal bakers rack?

I used to have an inexpensive one on one of our porches. Mine was originally brass look, but I spray painted it black. Used it to display stuff very similar to what is hung on the wall in your porch picture. It did not appear bulky as it was not solid. I just took it off last week as we are painting and put it out in the alley by the garbage bin. I plan to change the look of that porch and had no other use for it. It was gone in less than an hour!

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