How do I make a room design board on the computer

LybanSeptember 15, 2012

I would like to gather many items and have them in one large photo.

How do I bring all these items together on the computer.

Thanks for any help.

As you can see I am not very good with computers.

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You can easily do it by copying and pasting onto a Word document. Or from your word doc, select insert picture and go to the file on your computer to locate the image. Just adjust your images to fit--grab the corners and push to reduce them. Also adjust the properties of the images so it will allow you to move them to anyplace on the page--right click and you'll see the properties. If you also set your page to landscape mode (rather than a portrait format), your page will fit your screen better. Reduce the size of the page to fit your monitor to see the entire page. Insert a text box to type captions since that's easier to move around to the place you'd like the caption. You can also set the location of the picture in relation to the others by right clicking and setting the order.

You can also do this on powerpoint and save the slide you do all this on as a picture (jpg). HTH

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You can make this as detailed as you want. I have used Olioboard just to save pictures, but it has so much more to choose from. They even have vendors to choose from that will help you find some of the photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Olioboard

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Thank you for the explanation.
I am trying it now to see if I can get it. I am using MW and I inserted my photos but I cannot move them around . When I right click I do not get properties.
Do you know what I am doing wrong?

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While there are programs online that work like mentioned above, Word in a way to do it offline. I'm sorry I gave directions from my poor memory instead of going through it again. The way to make your image moveable is to adjust the text wrapping--you'll see that when you right click. I select in front of text. Then the image can be moved around. Then you can select bring to front or send to back to stagger your pictures in the order you prefer in case some overlap. Hope this helps make it clearer.

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I use Paint. It's pretty easy.

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I tried olioboard and I have no idea how to do it. But thanks for the idea.

Caminnc, I also tried paint and cannot get more than one picture up.

OK, I now can move my photos and text but I still have the whole page as a text doc. I will give it a try here but I do not think I can post a text doc, we will see.
No I cannot get it, is there a way to change a doc. in MW to a JPG. Thanks

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An easy way is to use a collage function on a photo editing site.

I have used Picasa (free) to make design boards.


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I use Paint. In order to have more than one picture on a board, start a new file and make the white area quite large by dragging the edges. Save that as your main design file.

Now, use the drop down box under the clipboard symbol. You'll see the option to "paste from" which, when chosen, will allow you to paste any other file on your computer by highlighting that file and clicking "open". Once you've pasted an element, you can move it around as long while it still has the dotted-line box around it. When you have placed the element where you want it on your board, click outside the element to fix it in place. Add more elements by chosing the "paste from" option again.

You can also add text boxes to label elements, resize the elements, etc.

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I have not done this but these directions for saving a word document as a jpeg seem clear. Here is the link:

I hope it works

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I've used print screen as the link orgasgramma suggested, but also there are free screen capture programs that are extremely useful, and I use one of those to save anything on my screen as a jpg or other format desired. I've used screenhunter and others.

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OK. thank you again sujafr and orcasgramma, I tried it and I am going to try testing a small room board as an example to see if this works.
If this works I am going to try fun2behere's suggestions using paint.
YIPEE, it worked. thanks so much.

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Me again, I am now trying the room board with Paint as Fun2behere suggested.
Looks like this one worked also.
I am so excited to learn this.
This may be a small step for most of you, but it is a huge step for me.
I am so thankful for everyones help.

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Yay! It is exciting to be able to put together collages of images easily. I'm not very accomplished with photo editing software, but I find Paint works well enough for my purposes. I'm so happy you are now proficient enough to make your own collages.

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glad you are getting the hang of it.

to see the level of detail you can get to, check out the many
Design Around This threads on the kitchen forum.

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Hey, great job! looks like you'll have lots of fun putting your designs together now. I understand the feeling of accomplishment!

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