tan color that goes with SW blonde

callie8799September 12, 2012

my bil is adding a huge addition to his home (which was a traditional 50 style ranch). He is painting the walls blonde with white ceiling and trim except for the great room. If you look at the attached pixture, everything in front of that large wooden beam (which will be stained)is going to be SW Blonde. I am looking for wall color for the room behind the beam. The floor is brown with golden tones-medium colored wood. he is looking for a tan w/o green tones.

he definitely wants tan. any thoughts? He's an avid hunter if that gives you insight to him and he's a bachelor.

thank you!

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Annie Deighnaugh

The SW blonde already looks pretty tan to me. Perhaps he should just darken it a few shades like SW mannered gold.

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Look at SW Restrained Gold as well. It should be on the same chip as Blonde. I have used Blonde, Ivoire and Restrained Gold (which are all on one color strip) on adjoining rooms and I am very pleased.

RG is darker than Blonde, very much a golden tan - at least to us!


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AnnieD & Nicole, I did suggest he go with something on the same color chip- but he definitely wants more brown of a color. I tried to suggest he pick a brown with gold in it since the rooms are in a "straight line"-thus my question.

any other thoughts? He is not brand loyal.
thanks again!

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SW Barcelona Beige

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SW Stonebriar is darker than Blonde and is a warm tan. I'm not nuts about gold rooms transitioning into tan (I've done it) but if he doesn't want to do a darker gold and is green (or other color) averse, he could try that.

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Francypants. Im not a fan of gold transitioning into tan neither. I am trying to convince him to try ivories. I have that next to Blonde in my home. Maybe the stone he picks for the fireplace will help out. When I can get to computer I will look up your suggestion. I'm on my phone. This the poor grammer. :)

Mellyc123. Will suggest your color. Thank you

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