Do You Have a Good System for Tagging Wine?

kswl2September 1, 2014

We have several hundred bottles of wine and I am currently organizing them with tags that give the vintage year and type. The tags are not big enough for the winery also. I don't really want to use a numbering system (assign numbers to wineries) because we don't have that much and I am not the only,one who puts wine away. I don't want a system so complicated no one else will follow it.

Do you tag your bottles for easy retrieval, or use some other method? I am not on any fora for oenophiles and there aren't any groups in our town (that I know of, at least) so I really don't have any place else to ask. (I do have a friend with a wine cellar but they seem to have no system at all!)

This is how it looks, with the vintage at the top of the tag and the type (e.g. Viognier, Malbec. Cabernet, etc) on the bottom of the tag. I try to write big enough to be able to see them without taking off the tag.

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I am curious, do you drink wine with dinner most nights, or just to entertain.

PS I have no idea!

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I do drink wine with dinner about three or four nights per week, usually just a glass. DH is a teetotaler, not from disapproval but from habit and disinterest (his parents did not drink, but his sibs all do now). Our kids drink wine with dinner when they are home, and we serve mostly serve wine or cocktails with prosecco or aperol and other ingredients when entertaining. I also like to have it for hostess gifts so I never have to shop for something at the last minute, and I enjoy finding individual bottles--- although there are several things I buy by the case, like champagne, a table red blend we all like from Virginia, a Cabernet from a biodynamic winery in Napa, etc.
We changed the flooring to brick in our cellar and the back hall from which it opens when we did the basement reno, and I love the way it came out. Its a funny little triangular room of about 90 sq ft that "occurred" when the new wing was built onto this house in 1994. Its counterpart upstairs became a nice pantry.

All bricked, and Handy Guy changed the light for a lantern a few months ago, which I love.

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I tried cardstock price tags on a string from an office supply store, but they all fell off in the bottom of the "cellar". Back to the drawing board.

Now I try to organize by type and date so that I can get close, but I only hold about 100 bottles at a time, so it's pretty easy to figure out what I want.

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If you open the door too fast the whoosh will drop a few tags on ours, too, lol. But any harder to get them on than hang around the neck of the bottle and I know we won't use them. I've looked for bigger ones but then they won't hang side by side very well.

All the photos of lovely wine cellars show no tags at all...,I guess they use a computerized system like barcodes for their bottles. A bit of overkill for what we have.

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