Best home fragrance/diffuser?

Sueb20September 1, 2014

I have a room in my house that happens to be my home office and also my dogs' headquarters. Small dog's crate is in there and old dog's bed is there, too. I'd like something to freshen up the doggie aura in there without smelling too perfumery or flowery. Or...too overpowering. I bought one of the plug-in diffusers from Bath and Body Works and it was Way. Too. Much.


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The Bidy Shop's Cranberry Joy reed diffuser. Only available at Chriistmas so we usually order a dozen.

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Do the dog beds have removable covers? If you wash them once a week they won't smell, or is it the dogs themselves?

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

There is a great spray called zero odor I buy at bed bath and beyond . It is amazing what it can do ! Our pug before he passed was having horrendous accidents . I would clean as best as I could , and this spray would take care of the odor . Totally . It leaves no odor behind , unlike febreeze. You can read reviews on amazon about it .
Also have you tried the glade plug in on a low setting ! The fresh cotton one smells awesome , not perfume like .

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Thymes' Frasier Fir. Best smelling fragrance in the planet. Fresh, clean, real, not overpowering. If course it is also a little Christmassy, but that is part of the charm for me. I use it year round.

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Another vote for fresh cotton.

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Thanks. I was in a restroom not long ago and it smelled awesome. I noticed there was a diffuser sitting on the vanity and looked at its name...I can't recall the brand, not Thymes, but it was something like Fraser fir and I was surprised, because it didn't smell like a Christmas tree at all. Maybe I'll try the Thymes.

Mtn, we do wash the dog bed covers but one of the dogs is an elderly bulldog and she has her own special aroma no matter what we do. It's her breath more than anything!

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DD bought a Hamilton Beech True Aire odor eliminator when she got her dog. It plugs in and recirculates the air through a charcoal filter. Must work. I've never noticed a doggy smell at her house.

Here is a link that might be useful: True Air filter

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Be careful with using anything that is a heavy fragrance or a spray, they can be very irritating to your dog.
I would try a room air cleaner near your old guys bed, that would be the safest choice.

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I found that Thymes Fraser Fir diffuser and now I have to have it. You all are terrible for my pocketbook.

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Louislinus you will love it. I dislike scented candles, or used to, until I was given a Frasier Fir candle a decade or more ago. Now I have one in almost every room. I have the spray and spray my artificial Christmas tree with it! The diffuser is wonderful. I'm a big fan, I guess you can tell :-)

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I bought the Frasier reed diffuser and have it in a bathroom, it does not scream xmas at all, just a crisp pine smell...

I also love Joe Malone scents, the non flower ones, their reed diffuser leaves enough scent without being overpowering.

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I'm stunned that no one mentioned opening the windows and airing the place out.

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Now I must have Thymes Fraser Fir. This place is worse for me than watching infomercials.

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You say the smell is coming from the dog's may
want to look into getting the dog's teeth cleaned. Cleaning our dog's teeth totally eliminated the smell and improved her health.

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LOL jmc101!

I would be more inclined to do as Lilyfinch mentioned - something that absorbs the odor. Of course you could still have some type (very) light scent in there.

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Aww, poor thing. I do think sometimes dogs are a bit malodorous whatever you do.

I think the pine scent is a good idea because you really want it to smell clean, not flowery.

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When my Golden was elderly, I had a mouth spray that worked really well. I don't remover the brand though.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

The best option is to actually clean the air not cover it up.
These were originally used in hospitals in France to do just that.
I suggest using the true brand Lampe Berger. It is a small burner Lampe that uses a very specific "fuel". You can find them in some stores. Or online. They are not cheap for the true brand, and the fuel. If you are not familiar or have never seen one to know how it works you might want to read some information online. It doesn't keep a flame like a candle, it is lit and let it burn for just a few minutes then the flam is blown out and the difuser top is put on, but it's still burning the fuel and doing it's job till you put the suffer top on and that extinguishes the converter.
It really is pretty amazing.

Here's the original site and history. Just Google Lampe Berger for lots of options and scents. Beware of cheap knock off scents! They can smoke and make it worse. There's also knock off lamps. I have one of those as well as my originals but I only use the Lampe Berger fuel in them.

I have found knock off at hobby lobby, Tuesday morning, and a few other places.

This will clean the air not cover it up with perfume. I have severe scent allergies but the original fuels I have used don't trigger my asthma.

You can find starter lampes for a much lower price. Many of the lampes are collectibles, and are extremely expensive. But you can find reasonable prices. I found an original, discontinued rare Lampe at a goodwill store for a few bucks. A Lampe worth hundreds! My lucky day.

Good YouTube video of how to use Lampe Berger

Here is a link that might be useful: Lampe Berger

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

A starter kit usually comes with the lampe, wick with converter, funnel, diffuser top and snuffer top and sometimes a starter bottle of fuel.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Just a couple of drops of Odors-Away in a glass or ceramic dish will clear the air. I use an old crystal salt cellar. We use it in the kitchen after fish or anything that leaves an odor as well as when it seems a little too doggie smelling! When you first squeeze out the drops, you may notice a fragrance, but it disappears quickly. I just cannot stand scented stuff around the house be it sprays, candles, laundry soap. It gets rid of odors completely. One small bottle lasts me for several years. My mother discovered it decades ago and I always buy several bottles at a time because I am afraid the company will quit making it and I would hate to be out of it. I figure at 62, I should probably buy about 8-10 bottles next time. That should last me the rest of my life and leave some for my son to inherit. Hehheh.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best ever

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I buy fake designer perfumes in the dollar store for $1.00. Two spritzes and the room smells like Elizabeth Taylor's Passion or whatever else you like. My dog passes gas at night. So I spritz and go back to sleep. It's cheap. You can change the scent whenever and it's fun to have the house smell like a $90 perfume.

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OK so I have now ordered the Hamilton Beach thing for my office, and the Fraser Fir reed diffuser, which I'll use in our open kitchen/great room.

Let me be clear, our house is clean and the windows are open (unless the AC is on, like today, because it is beastly hot and humid) but unless I am going to wash the dog bed daily, there's a small attached to that bed MOST of the time and there is no getting around it. It's not even that bad and I bet no one else notices it (and this isn't a room company enters, but family does) but I just feel like the room smells not-fresh and a bit doggy. I don't think the rest of the house smells doggy and I have even had friends tell me they're surprised my house doesn't smell like a dog! (We have three of them.)

Having an old bulldog's teeth cleaned is quite an endeavor -- we have done it before, it requires general anesthesia and I am not putting her through that at her age unless the vet tells me it's mandatory (he says her teeth are OK). She is healthy, she's just an old bulldog! We have a Frenchie and she doesn't smell at all, but the two English bulldogs are another story.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I am hoping someone else might get good recommendations here too, as I don't recall seeing this topic here before.

The lampe bergere is interesting!

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Sixtyohno, that is so funny! We have a gassy dog also and it's really amazing how unpleasant it can be.

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You guys don't know unpleasant gas 'til you've lived with 3 bulldogs.

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HAHAHA (re the gas)!!!

Some dogs are susceptible to bad teeth. Both yorkies and poodles are and we have a yorki-poo!! She had her teeth cleaned a few years ago and will again in a couple of weeks. I HATE IT!! She will soon turn 9 but does not act old at all. The teeth cleaning will help bad breath. It is also necessary for some dogs to keep their teeth (and overall health!) good. I hate she has to be put under but it is also not good for her teeth to get bad and possibly infection develop - which can spread to bloodstream/heart.

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There is a chew snack for dogs to clean their teeth and give them nice breath, my friend sweared by them for her yorkie, they are called "Greenies"

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Like I said, the vet says her teeth are fine...

Oh, I have those greenies sitting in the doggie cabinet. Haven't opened the bag yet!

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WHat I did for my aging dog who sometimes had accidents in his bed was to buy euro pillow shams and put them on his bed - the insert I kept in a plastic pillow type case for him. That way it was easy to keep his bed clean and every week I took it off and washed it whether it needed it or not.

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Oh, that's a great idea. Our dog bed is bigger than that, but I have a bed with removable covers and I bought an extra cover so while one is in the laundry, I can put the other right on. Something like a euro sham would be so much easier to put on and off, though!

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Another vote for Lampe Berger!!! They are amazing at removing, not covering odors. My favorite fall scent is Amber Powder. Cant describe it, you just have to smell it. I also like Jouney to Bahia and Fig but there are lots of other scents, and a neutral without scent to cleanse the air. The oil can get costly if you're like me and have 3 lampes, but well worth it. 10 or 15 minutes and the house is fresh again. IMHO nothing works this well. When i cant get any oil to burn, i like Circle E candles in Ambrosia (very popular where i live) and Silver Bells for Christmas (cranberry-orange scent).

You may want to look into either of those options online. ON A SIDE NOTE, the lampes come in such pretty designs that you can find something to match your decor and it isnt obvious what it is. Also, the knockoff oils are just okay, but are no comparison to the original.

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An open window/an exhaust fan (Bionaires are good).

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Great suggestions! Like Tribbix, I like the open windows, of course, but once the cold weather hits here in Chicagoland, I'm in search of an indoor diffuser for winter (I'm not responsible enough for candles ;-). Nothing too overpowering, too, because I'm sensitive to fragrance. Just checked... many stores in my area carry Lampe Berger.

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My favorite Lampe Berger fragrance is Citrus Fruits by La Maison.

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speaking of bad breath dogs, it appears my mini doxie ate a dead animal or God knows what which caused diarreah for several days. Took him to the vet, who didn't seem to be too concerned and within 24 hrs pooch was fine. His recommendations: 2-3 da of antibiotics, and 4-5 days of probiotics. He said it would replenish the good gerns that antibiotic killed and would also kill bacteria in his mouth.

My doxie gets a yearly toothbrushing, but bless his heart, his breath is generally awful, like something died and took residence in there, lol. Enter probiotics, poochie has the sweetiest breath. I was really surprised at this positive side effect. He has never like the greenies, BTW.

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