Any Info or Opinions on this Dining Set? American of Martinsville

beekeeperswifeSeptember 24, 2012

In my other post with the Velvet Cloak Dining Room Update, I mentioned I saw a dining set today. I kind of like it, but I"m not sure if I can pull it off for the dining room. I do not like it in its present condition, I want to paint it. Take a look at my pics and tell me what you think of it, if you think I can make it fit the Velvet Cloak theme.

I'm talking about painting it any color.

It is 74" x 44". It has 2 16" extension leaves. It will be perfect for large dinner parties when necessary.

Do you know anything about this furniture? What type of wood, etc.

It is American of Martinsville. The store has the table, chairs and hutch listed for $700, but she is going to drastically reduce it. She said she would sell me just the table and chairs for $250. I'm not sure I want the hutch, unless you all tell me to grab it because it is worth a million dollars....

So here are all the pics we took of it tonight. They have so much merchandise piled on it I did my best...

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Not what I expected at all. It is an interesting set, but I just don't see it in your dining room or with other rooms in your house. I think you need to pass on this "deal". Don't rush it, the right set will come along ...

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I would pass on this for your house.

I think the set should be kept together, and it needs a particular kind of house and decor. You need something a bit more slick than this.

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thank you

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I don't really see this working in your fabulous room.

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Maybe not the table..but the chairs....I'm seeing them painted, too.

Have you seen these chairs on houzz? Painted silver....very similar to the chairs in your pic, yes? Maybe just seeing them painted would persuade you to take another look? And your set comes with arm chairs, always a nice touch

I've had this pic saved.. love the dining set...and the colors. He went and ruined it with that horrible cheap looking lamp, though.

Anyway, worth a look.


Here is a link that might be useful: Silver Chairs

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The Houzz inspiration is classical octagonal caning that has been used since the 18th century (at least) on formal furniture. The actual pieces are a Hollywood Regency take on Chinese Chippendale.

The American Martinsville is rattan, and that is a key difference. It's informal and tropical looking, Trader Vic's kinda stuff.

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Annie Deighnaugh

As Nancy Reagan said, Just Say No.

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I'm passing. You all know I knew in my heart it wan't really right,or I wouldn't have asked.

It certainly wasn't your typical sunroom furniture for sure...there was a built in silver chest in the drawer.

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It might look kinda neat with a dark expresso finish. It would definitely add value to the look. American of Martinsville used to be a good company, not sure where they are at today. So many of the former giants are gone or not what they used to be. I just hate how our country has given away our legendary manufacturing quality to crap imports and in the process bankrupted a nation.

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Strange...I wouldn't think that dining set was made for either hospitality or healthcare. I wonder how old it is. I agree, even though an interesting design I don't see it fitting with your decor.

Here is a link that might be useful: American of Martinsville website

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I remember dining sets like this from my early childhood in Fl about a century ago. They invariably began to sprout little broken withes that stabbed and snagged everyone who sat in them.

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Looks like American of Martinsville has gotten out of the residential business, interesting.

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