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katlanSeptember 19, 2012

New blue bedroom color. Love it.

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I love the blue, too. As far as the console, I would leave it black since you have the tv which is also black. Did you say what your bed linens are? I think you may be able to find something that ties it all together. I wouldn't get too large a lamp since you have only 14" of depth. Maybe a smallish lamp sitting on a stack of books if necessary to raise it to a good height for reading.

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Cyn, thanks for the response. Never even thought about the tv being black also. And it's on the other side of the room.

This is the new bedding.

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Pretty. I am responding here so others may see the blue color and the cream/white furniture.

To go back to the lamp and respond here to your question on the other thread-if you have a 25"inch lamp, go ahead and try it. I find I really need to see something in place before I can really decide. If the lamp and its shade aren't too wide, it could definitely work on your console. A smaller lamp could work as well and if you feel it is too short, just sit it on several books.

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Thanks again Cyn for your help. Guess I should have put all the pics on one thread, as recommended by someone else.

I didn't buy the taller lamp yet, I was just trying to get some opinions on what size to get.

I do have one small cut glass lamp, approx. 10" high max. Needs a shade. I think I'll get the console first, get it in place and make sure I like it, then start on the lamp issue, haha. Good Lord, what a process this bedroom is for such a small room. It's definitely not like a lot of rooms I see on here, which is why I was hesitant to post mine.

I saw the boxes below and also liked them for the shelf.

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