Anyone Colored matched BM White Dove with Sherwin Williams paint?

Lake_GirlSeptember 23, 2012

I'm thinking of changing over to BM white dove in semi-gloss for my trim paint. I was wondering if anyone has had it color matched using SW paint. Was it a good match?? Thanks for any help.

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I have with other colors and they turned out pretty good. SW has a great color that matches the BM white dove. Dover White. It's used quite a bit for cabinets and trim.

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I thought Dover White was quite a bit more creamy that White Dove, is it not?

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All the paint companies have the formulas for all the paints. So if you go into SW and ask for a BM color, they can look it up and match the formula.

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I just got a gallon of paint from SW which was color matched to a BM color. The paint manager said they had most of the BM formulas and were an excellent match. Hope that helps your concern...the 40% off sale ends today.

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