Budget smudget and odd shaped room! There's always a way!

jterrilynnSeptember 5, 2012

Caution: Color alert, you made need your shades!

Update on my CL settee/bench whatever and chairs. I needed more seating in my skinny family room with windows and doorways and that proved to be very hard as most furniture (extra chairs) were either to big or not comfortable. On top of that I'm always on a tight budget so that lowered the possibilities down to nearly zip. And to further complicate things I need one odd shaped seating thing to fit a cornered space between the living area and the open kitchen that didn't clash with the kitchen and had the right scale for the area where the ceiling went up to 12'. Part of the living room has a dropped ceiling of 9'.

Although the chairs (two, see bottom)) are not everyone's taste they are very comfortable and blended with my mix. Oh happy days they were only $35 each on craigslist and are in perfect condition. Next I found this CL settee/bench for $50. I found the chenille fabric on ebay and the Peacock fabric on another site at a great price for the weight and quality. I was not brave enough like the talented upholsters here to diy because I had to come to terms will my skill level so I paid to have it upholstered. Still, overall price is what I look at and you can't beat two chairs and a settee/bench in the end coming out to $ 620 total.

Next I'll put down the overstock carpet and I think I'm getting close to getting there.

$50 Craigslist Settee/bench before


This is the room it's all in. The settee/bench is in a corner on the other side of sofa after the door and in a corner. I don't have the new carpet down yet.

TWO Craigslist chairs $35 ea

The open kitchen

Thank you gardenweb upholsterers for helping me get a handle on upholstery!

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Your so called "awkward" room looks fantastic!!!! Now to put down your rug, I have the same one but I take it up in the summer and throw down a summer rug. The settee looks great. You should be proud to bring anyone to your home.

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Awesome! I love your pieces . . .are those chairs a velvety orange??? I am wiping the drool from the keyboard! Now I just want a bigger picture of the whole room!

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Beautiful colors and fabrics you used...you didn't recover the chairs? They came that way? I bought a couple of slipper chairs from World Market last year that are nearly that same color - I love living with it. It's going to look fab with your rug, too.

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I love it, too and want a bigger, whole room pic, please!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Looking good!

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Wow! I love the way the upholsterer used the back fabric for the welting on the seat, and also the way the two fabrics were blended through the whole love seat. It's beautiful, and I am eager to see it all with the rug down.

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Beautiful - the settee is such a surprise, and it works so well. A warm, cheerful, peaceful room.

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That looks wonderful!! I love color (someday I will be brave enough to post for some help, and you will see) and I love the way the room comes together.


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I remember you had posted pictures of your room before because you were agonizing about what to do with the space in front of your windows. Those chairs look great there. I like the tall backs to them because they help anchor that end of the room. I notice how the eyes of the peacock feathers mirror the design in the corner of the rug. Was that intentional? Clever. I think the rug is going to look great in there. 'Can't wait to see it down. You changed your kitchen too, didn't you? Painted the top cabinets? I think it makes the kitchen look larger. Looks nice too!

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Yayagal, thank you! I know my decorating style often grows out of what I can find a deal on and is not everyone's taste. You made me feel good!

Anele, I'm not sure what the chair fabric is, it looks kind of chenille-ish. I'm not up to scratch on fabrics but am learning. The color is sort of a burnt orange-peach in real life.

Olychick, the chair fabric is original and in perfect condition. I was told they sat in a little used bedroom all these years. I'm happy to give them a new life. They must have been lonely lol.

Loribee, Annie, My3dogs, birdgardner and springroz, thank you so much for your kind words. As you can see I did no staging for the picture as everything is a bit wingywong. It will be a while before I will post the room as a whole because I can not put the rug down until the work in the back yard is done. I have three dogs that would track all that dirt in and destroy the new rug in a day. I do like the rug a lot but for practical reasons I almost wish I would have spent more and got the rich gem stone colored rug I wanted as it would hide doggie dirt. It is not usual for me to have things in the house to worry over. At the time I thought a move would be in the near future so I didn't want to spend double on a rug and size that might not work in a future new home. However, the latest sold comps look so bad we will not put the house up for sale until things look a little better. I'm not in such a hurry to down size like husband is so I am so glad to be here for longer or forever.

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What a wonderfully vibrant and interesting space! I love what you've done!

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Thank you Sunny! By the way, what is the real name of the settee/bench? Is it a settee or is it a bench? My friend is teasing me; apparently there is a funny commercial on TV where the actress says something like "my fiance gets the settee and me". I have never seen it. She is greeting me with oh here's Terri with the setteeeee lol.

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If it didn't have a back, I'd call it a bench. Looks like a (contemporary) settee if there ever was one to me! So gorgeous too! Great transformation. I love your fabric, adore the color, and what a great deal you found!

Your house is very pretty and warm and inviting...just like you!

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Well settee it is then! Thank you SG, you are so sweet!

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