Wayfair online store?

deee_gwSeptember 3, 2012

I have always been a prolific online shopper and it seems like all of a sudden this "store" is showing up in many of my hits. Does anyone know about the company?

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They changed their name from CSN to Wayfair. I've ordered a couple of things from them and have been happy.

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Avid online shopper here. I ordered two metal headboards from Wayfair. Items arrived quickly and in good shape. Very pleased.

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Wayfair is a company that google runs pop up ads for. They do slam me alot with pop ups, seems once I look at something on Wayfair's site, the items will pop up for advertising for a while.

I have ordered some things from them. However, beware and be absolutely certain you want and will like that item. I ordered two chaise lounges from them this summer. They offer free shipping which I thought was a wonderful deal compared to most web sites. When we received the lounges, they were way to short and wide. In other words if you were five feet or under and very wide this chaise is for you. I was informed by customer service that if you return an item you must not only pay for return shipping, but you will also be charged for the original shipping that was "free". So any item that is very heavy or bulky would almost cost as much as the price of the item to return and be charged double postage.

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I have also ordered from Mayfair.
Very prompt and the bedding quality was better than I hoped for.

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Elraes Miller

Double check on net pricing compared to Wayfair. They have been higher than other sites, even with free shipping. They are also part of Walmart, most of the items sold by Walmart are from Wayfair.

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Interesting article here...

Here is a link that might be useful: http://venturebeat.com/2011/09/22/strange-new-retail-creature-wayfair-emerges-from-200-domains/

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Interesting article, forboystoo.

I have to agree with technicolor--most things I've searched for at wayfair have been significantly more expensive than they are elsewhere.

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When it was CSN I ordered Robern medicine cabinets from them. The cabinets came as advertised, free shipping, and were the best deal on or off the net. Maybe things have changed.

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I think it just varies depending on what you're looking for. They came up first when I was searching for a particular mirror, for instance. They wanted $250 but I found it several other places for $170.

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