1.75" diameter oil rubbed bronze metal drapery rod

Kim3579September 4, 2012

Does anyone know where I can find a drapery rod that is 1.75" diameter, oil rubbed bronze metal, 144" in length. The only one I can find is through Restoration Hardware and it's $700 for two windows. I'm hoping to find a cheaper alternative. Lowes has the above in wood, but I'm wanting metal for a more modern look. Thanks!!!

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Elraes Miller

Ran a search for you and the only thing I came up with was metal shower rods. These would work by buying two for each window and using the smaller rod to extend in middle. You would have to buy the supports and decorative ends, but they wouldn't add much to the price. They came up a lot and plenty of choices. Of course Amazon was the best selection.

If anyone is a DIY, any metal rod from a big box store can be used for one. Then spray painted with ORB and a good clear coat. Not sure how long rubbing would last for the paint.

Link is for a metal orb one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Metal Rod

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I bought a long rod like you want from J C Penneys. Went to Lowes and got an extender, which fit in the center of the rod. _________........________. Sort of like that with the line being the rod and the dots the extender. The rod I bought had three supports it works beautifully. Not sure of the cost but I don't believe it was $75.00.

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(Sorry! Attack of the Giant Can!)

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