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cherigwSeptember 9, 2012

The good news is I have a new roof (hail storm last May). . .the bad news is that on the back side of the house the roofing company had taken everything off (1 layer of composition, 1 layer shake, felt, and decking) leaving only the framing "slats". They "tarped" the open area, but we had an unexpected storm blow in (60 mpr winds and I had an inch of rain in my rain guage). In my bedroom, the rain came in through the top of the window, the ceiling fixture in my closet, completely filled the globe in the ceiling fan at the end of my bed and collected about 4 inches of water in a trashcan. There are water spots all over the ceiling. Biggest one is about 3 ft x 3 ft. . . almost all of the ceiling where it meets the wall on the back side where the rain came in and there are several dinner plate sized ones, plus the area around the ceiling fan. The next morning they pulled the wet insulation out of the attic over about 2/3 of the bedroom and recommended that I not sleep in the bedroom. They agree it is their problem and are coming out this next week to see what needs to be done. The guy that removed the insulation the following morning said he thought they would probably have to replace the ceiling as the drywall has sagged enough to see the seams in some places. The ceiling has dried out pretty much (this happened Tuesday nite/Wednesday am), but the "setback" at the top of the window is still damp today (I peeled back the wallpaper) and the light in the shower has been out (I thought the bulb burned out, but it cam back on the next day) and it still smells kind of musty in my closet.

My question/concern is how to tell how much damage was "really" done" and what should I fairly expect the roofing company to repair? A friend said she didn't see how they could replace the all/part of ceiling without messing up the top of the walls and she thought I should get either new wallpaper or new paint job.

Since the roof was an insurance replacement, I notified my local agent who said he would notify the adjuster on the roof claim.

Any recommendations on how to make sure the roofing company doesn't gloss over the damage (they are a reputable local company, but still. . . .). I don't want more than is fair, but I want to make sure there is no "hidden" damage that won't show up until a few months/years down the line. Maybe have the insurance company send out an adjuster?? I thought about having a remodeling contractor come out, but not sure how "interested" they would be since it would be just a "consulting" job.

While I am far from helpless (:), it's just me. . and I don't have a background in construction!!

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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Oh, my dear, what a mess!
I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

There are consulting engineers who specialize in things like home inspections, and who also do damage assessment, and I would start with a search for such a person, rather than a contractor.

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Definitely get your insurance company involved. This new damage, even though it's the fault of the roofers, is still an extension of your original claim. They'll make sure the problem is paid for by the roofer's insurance since they (your insurance) won't want to have to pony up the costs of expensive mold remediation down the line. They have a vested interest in getting this taken care of properly.

Good luck.

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Thanks browynsmom and deeinohio. I will start the "hunt" tomorrow. I'm delighted with my new roof. . .but nor looking forward to the "issues" I'm facing with the water damage to the back of the house. When you turn over a rock, you always get a lot of bugs. . . . .

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You certainly have a good attitude about this. I'd be screaming bloody murder. The roofing company needs to return everything to the state it was in before this mess.

I agree that a home inspector would know best what to look for.

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Take photos ASAP and have your insurance inspector out too. Yes your roofing contractor admits it's his fault and says he will make it right. But if he decides to claim this on his insurance policy - then his insurance agent might try to negate some of the claim. You also need to find out if the insulation in the walls is wet too.

Good luck and I hope your roofer does right by you.

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Horrible. Just wanted to say I'm sorry you're dealing with this. :(

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Take pictures, then take some more, get another contractor/builder out to give you an estimate of damage to repair to submit to your roofer, we went through the same thing after a hurricane between rains the roofer did not have chance to finish and only tarped one side our master br. got a storm on Xmas day, hurricane was in Aug. and we had leaks again. Our roofer took a few thousand dollars off of our bill, for other repairs. And finished our roof. All the digital photo's I took helped so much with not only the roofer but also our ins. I printed some and sent others in E-mail.

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Call your insurance company immediately, as said above. You do not want the roofer to 'repair' anything until this new damage has been assessed. The last thing you want is something covered up without proper attention to what is behind it. The potential for huge issues down the road are too great and your insurance company will not want to be on the hook. Unfortunately, most home inspectors will not have the background to assess this fully. A structural engineer may be overkill but better that than someone under qualified.

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Thanks to everyone for the advice and kind thoughts. . .greatly appreciated!! I contacted my insurance adjuster on the original roof claim. While they are very interested in the outcome, they indicated that this is an issue between me and the roofing company. . .totally separate from the original claim on the roof. But they did give me some pointers on working through the situation.

A water remediation company coming out tomorrow to do an assessment (based on the recommendation of my adjuster) so I think that will give me some idea of the full extent of the damage and where we need to go from there.

I have taken lots of pictures and won't let anyone touch anything until I'm satisfied the damage has been fully documented.

Dedtired, my attitude not really as good as it sounds. . .but as the expression goes. ."it is what it is" and nothing can change that. . .and I'm hoping that be being patient and somewhat understanding, they (roofing company) will be willing to do a little more than if I landed in the middle of them with combat boots.
Thank you all again. . .I'll let you know how it all turns out!

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