Belvidere NJ Victorian Days

biochem101September 17, 2012

Know you guys enjoy house tours now and then, so this year I took a camera to Belvidere's Victorian Days and snapped a few.

This one first has the most amazing wallpaper on the ceiling EVER. It was all cut and pasted a piece at a time and it's been up there over 100 years (1896). (it wasn't quite so bright pink in person as it looks here - poor camera I guess).

(I'm still in the entrance, between 2 sort of parlor spaces)

Yes, that is their TV!

Dining Room ceiling!

This next house style is very rare in our area. It's a Spanish revival from 1929 with amazing tile work.

This floor is tile, not a rug.

I am in AWE of her Fiesta Ware collection!!! It was also on top of all the kitchen cabinets, this is the breakfast nook.

Other side of nook.

This green house has been in the same family for 3 generations. Many of the decorations they recently found in the attic and brought downstairs.

Gotta love the porch!

And the porch floor - original recently refinished.

More wallpaper. (nobody here worries about paint colors)

Guest room with some attic treasures.

That's all I have. Lots of crowds in the way.

Did anyone else go? It was such a beautiful day.

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Oh thank you for posting the fabulous houses. I love old houses! I go to our local open houses almost every year. I love envisioning the lives of the previous owners.

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Thank you so much for sharing! I love Victorian architecture.

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Are you from the area? My maternal grandmother lived there years ago, and it so happens that a woman who works for us owns some property there and used to be every involved in Victorian Days.

PS that must be Bradbury and Bradbury wallpaper?

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Glad you enjoyed them.

We live in Pennsylvania, outside Philadelphia.

It's a nice ride up along the Delaware River.

The people of Belvidere LOVE their Victorian homes, and they all have the dress-up clothes to go with them. :)

There is a big craft fair in the town square park, and a car show, all sorts of food.

It's so nice that they take such good care of their heritage and don't tear them down or re-muddle them.

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Sorry, don't know what the wallpaper is.

The first house it's all original, the third some was replaced.

There are guides there telling you all about it, but I didn't take notes. LOL!

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Our old neighborhood had quite a few Victorians, and a lot of them had Bradbury and Bradbury. One neighbor in particular had it in every room and every ceiling.
When they sold their home, the new buyers didn't care for it (I can't say I blame them... while I admire the artfulness, I don't think it is very livable.). You can guess, sadly, what happened next. The place got "Pottery Barned".

Here is a link that might be useful: you might enjoy this

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