Problems Seeing Pictures

monicakm_gwSeptember 9, 2012

I can't see most of the pictures on GW anymore. I'm using

FF 14 and now 15. I've restarted FF with all add ons disabled. Cleared cache. I *think* the ones I can see are those that are linked from photo hosting sites. I've uploaded a small picture from my desktop. Can everyone see it? I can't.

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I just noticed red X's in the last few days for some posts. I'm using IE and I don't think anything has updated recently. I also noticed that the separate link for your photos (on the other post) got blocked by my internet blocking software that goes through my router. I'll need to go through the blocking website to see under what category your photo hosting site is being blocked. Most of my blocking is for questionable sites for teenage boys!! I'll check and post back.

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That's some safety net you've got there :) The site is an old photo hosting site, I've been a paid subscriber since 2001. I think the only pictures I can see (anyone's)are one's linked from other photo hosting sites, not pictures uploaded from computers. Just don't know why.

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I just checked my internet blocking site ( and it is flaging as pornography. The blocking site is well known and used by schools all over the country, so I'm trusting that they have a good filter ... maybe pbase is now hosting questionable stuff too?

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monicakm, I have the same problem. I am sure the only pictures I see are the ones uploaded the old way. This started when GW added the new way. I too am using FF14. If I open IE I can see the pictures but found it definitely lets in to much garbage that my antivirus picks up so I will not open IE anymore.

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I'm running FF 15 .
Seeing all the pics.
Except if Monicakm posted one.
Not seeing a pic from Monicakm w/IE either.

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What forboystoo said, except that I'm using safari/mac.

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chispa, it is a photo hosting site so there may be some nudity (apparently there is). I don't browse the site. I'm either on my pages or someone's that sent a link to their album. Sorry about that!

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I just tried the "open this page with IE" add on and yes, now I can see pictures uploaded from people's computers. Unfortunately, the pictures aren't worth the problems IE can cause :o I was surprised that disabling all my add ons didn't help. Then I updated to FF 15 and still no photos.
I CAN see them on my Android phone tho. Definitely a FF issue.

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forboystoo, writersblock, well this just keeps getting interestinger and interestinger ;)
I just noticed that two messages I posted with pictures uploaded from my computer (one yesterday and once a couple weeks ago), don't even have the little camera icon, so apparently the process didn't even work. Trying to upload using IE...
Well lookie there! I was able to upload from my desktop using IE. Hummmmmmm Can everyone see it?

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Drats! The picture showed up in my message but not in the preview mode or submit mode :o

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Just in case, if you edit after previewing you have to add the photo again. It goes away when you go back to typing.

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If you ever figure out the FF problem please share it. I could not believe the stuff that my antivirus picked up when I tried IE. So unfortunately I miss many of the pictures. Oh and I did try and uploaded one with the new way through GW, other people could see it, I couldn't.

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Just a thought - if you are seeing the red x, did you try a right click on the 'x' and then select 'download pictures'? A lot of people don't know to do that. I work in an office where many photos are not downloadable. If you're trying to do this at work, they may be blocked.

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Under tools and options and the content tab, do you have load pictures automatically checked? (in firefox). If not, it should be. I use an older version of Firefox, because, I dont like the newer ones, so that option could be under something else in your options, if it isnt under content. I have no problems viewing all the pictures with my version Firefox.

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I don't see the red x and when I try to upload a photo from my computer, it doesn't upload (no camera icon).
Yes, I have "load pictures automatically" checked.
I've cleared cache, booted FF in safe mode disabling all the add ons....everything short of reinstalling and I'm not willing to do that. Most of these type problems will sooner or later work themselves out with browser updates or website tweaks (by the host).

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I too have "load pictures automatically" checked. Computer help forum wasn't able to figure it out either.

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