Autumn Cottage Mag, Page 42-43

happyintexasSeptember 18, 2012

Autumn Cottage Mag page 42-43 makes me sigh...

I'd love to use this photo as an inspiration for my living area. (They've repurposed the room as a dining area. I won't be doing that.) I already have a white cast stone fireplace (more curvy) white trim, brown leather couches, and some autumny accents.

What I need is a paint color like this one...any guesses? Sort of a warm melted butter tone that isn't too yellowy.

I'll also need floors. We are thinking about replacing the carpet...probably not putting in hardwoods...any carpet thoughts? Any wood thoughts since we haven't decided yet?

I'll be unifying the wood tones in this room--either swapping out pieces or painting some of them a darker finish.

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Oops didn't get the image attached

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Don't you love that magazine? :)

I really like that color, too. And it looks wonderful with those dark hardwood floors. I'd check the paint stores and look for something very similar, but a little lighter. Golds always look darker, when they're on the walls...but a very warm and friendly color!

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Always hard to tell from a magazine pic, but I have SW Blonde (very popular color!) in my living room and it's very similar.

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I just pulled out my mag and looked again. I love that picture of the same home with the cabinet/mirror above adn baskets beneath.

Paint color is definitely a big part of the overall look/feel. The different textures - shades, ottoman, rug, etc. Pillows make a nice impact too. Plus the beautiful wood tones. I think wood floors would definitely work better, but if you are set on carpet, perhaps you could layer a rug. The beautiful lamps!


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Come on!! A decorator mag should at least tell you the paint color!!


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Never heard of this magazine....sounds lovely!

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The photo on the right looks like Farrow and Ball Dorset Cream on my monitor. The photo on the left, however, looks much brighter and more citron-y. It would be nice if the designer would respond.

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I think it looks similar to my paint color. Mine is SW White Raisin. I have this color throughout a good portion of my home and have yet to tire of it. I had first picked SW Blonde, but it wasn't yellow enough for me.

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On the left it looks like Hawthorne Yellow and on the right a more orangey gold, like Powell Buff. That's on my monitor!
It's such a beautiful room.

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Take a look at BM Precious Ivory as well! It's close to RH Butter.

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I was also thinking along the lines as Inygo-Girls suggetsion.

You could also take a look at BM Straw from the CC collection. I did a room w/ thw walls Straw 2150-50, trim Filtered Sunlight 2154-60 and built in Vanilla Ice Cream 2154-70. Looks scary peachy undertoned on my monitor but I didn't find the color to look anything like the peachy toned monitor chips.

I've also seen beautiful rooms in BM Golden Straw 2152-50.

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Golden Straw

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Wow, thank you for all the responses! I tied up with work and haven't checked in for a few days. Yay--now I have several paint colors to check out.

mom2sethc, SW White Raisin looks great.

I already have a sample of Hawthorne yellow. I'll definitely be checking into BM Straw and Golden Straw and Precious Ivory. I'll be checking every paint sample people name on this thread. Wont' that be fun?!

And while I KNOW it's silly to get attached to a paint because of the name...don'tcha just love a paint color called Filtered just sounds like a perfect summer day. lol

Again, thanks for the encouragement. I'll be at the paint store if you need me....

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I would add to not be afraid to mix two paint colors together. Our living room is BM 191 and 192 mixed together. That gave me one color that used pastel base and one with white base. It me exactly what I wanted.

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it looks like BW New York Harbor

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Beautiful room! I love those colors together. I spotted the black print fabric right off as I have a couple yards of it myself. In case you're interested in it as well, the piece I have says :"an original screen print for the Platinum Collection Richloom" and "copyright MMI US Canada" on the side of it. I can't recall when or where I bought mine, but I'm hoping to make a couple of throw pillow covers with it someday soon.
I hope you'll keep us updated on your room's progress, as I can tell it will be lovely!

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