6 panel or 2 panel arch top for door between garage and house?

janesylviaSeptember 24, 2012

I am going to have my door between garage and house changed. I am hesitating on 6 panel or 2 panel, and woodgrain textured or smooth surface. I don't know which would look better.

Other doors would be changed later. But I need to buy this garage-to-house door first, since we just bought the house, and want to have all the locks re-keyed to the same key.

Fire-rated doors

Thank you very much.

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What style is your house? What style are your furnishings? Are you asking about a 6-panel straight top vs. a 2-panel arch top, or are both arch tops?

Whatever you choose should be the same as the others you will be installing later.

Go with a smooth texture for interior doors. unless you are going for a rustic look.

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Chibimimi, thank you very much.

The house is ranch style built in the 70s in the bay area of CA. Furniture is contemporary style. I am hesitating on 6- panel straight top, or 2-panel arch top (with or without vertical grooves).

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Unless you are planning a Mediterranean or French style overall, avoid the curved-top door. The six-panel doors are quite traditional, if that's your aim. But if you're hoping for a more contemporary/craftsman/casual look,what about a one- or two-panel straight-top door? These go with a wide range of styles.

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Thank you very much, Chibimimi. The 2 panel arch top looks like this.
2 panel arch top door

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If your style is contemporary, I would go with the door in the middle of the page you just linked-the Rockport model. It is the only one of those that is not traditional or French/mediterranean as Chibimimi mentioned. Seems that it would fit with a contemporary ranch.

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