Looking for a curtain rod

graywings123September 27, 2012

I am looking for a curtain rod, about 44 inches wide, that curves into the wall, like this, but not extending out so far:

This rod extends out 5 inches, which is too much for the location I want it for. Is there some way to make something like that?

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Does it need to be decorative or functional?

I have used the pictured rod a number of times.

You could potentially modify this rod if you can do two things. The length of the return could be cut back with a hacksaw and then you would need to smooth the edges with a file.

Then there is a set screw that screws through a hole in the rod right near the bracket. The screw contacts a flat part of the bracket and holds the rod in place. Otherwise you will pull the rod off the brackets.

If you need something functional, you could use a basic utility rod or continental utility rod, which are available with various depth returns --like something from Kirsch

Here is a link that might be useful: Or there is this at Country Curtains.

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Thanks, Pal. I am more than willing to take a hack saw to things, but didn't think it was possible with that one. That's good to know. But the CC one may be easier in the long run.

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Several months ago, I used a Pottery Barn Essential Drape Rod (in Pewter finish). The distance behind the rod (from the wall to where the rod begins) measures 3-1/4" or maybe 3-1/8".

Here is a link that might be useful: PB Essential Drape Rod

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