Painting a China Cabinet

chestnut3September 28, 2012

Hello Everyone- I have a china cabinet created from old kitchen cabinets that I am going to put in my DR. It is in the first picture below- looks like a buffet now but it has an upper piece that has glass doors not shown. Currently it is painted a drabby off-white color and is pretty beat up. My DR is painted BM Marblehead Gold and I have chairs with the fabric in the 2nd picture below. It is has gold, green, and watermelon pink color. I also have 2 stained glass windows- they are both the same- and have built-in cabinets (4th pic) on the wall opposite where the china cabinet will go. I am looking for suggestions of what color to paint the new (old!) cabinet with the glass top. The built-in cabinets match my trim- SW Extra White. Should the new cabinet match? I'm not opposed to painting it a color. Pink? Turquoise? They might be a little to crazy for me...

Please excuse the mess, as we are all under construction around here. Thanks for your help!

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A vote to paint the cabinet to match the white built-in ones -- and then add tall white buffet lamps with fun shades (or simply add ribbon to the bottom of white shades!)

And then add accessories to bring out the colors in the fabric OR you could add white accessories like a large milk-glass bowl filled with green apples etc.

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I'd paint the new (old) cabinet a creamier white, so they won't look quite so kitcheny, and then paint the inside and shelves of the glass-fronted cabinet to match the pink in your chairs.

I'd also change to furniture hardware for the doors and drawers.

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I'd go with a greenish color.

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Thanks for your input everyone! Beeps- what shade of green did you have in mind? The green in the fabric is like a kelly green. I like the idea of painting the inside pink but the other cabinets have the gold color on the inside. Does it matter?
Thanks again!

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Yes, I'd use the gold that's in the other interiors, no matter what color you use for the cabinets.

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Thanks Bronwynsmom- thats what I thought. I am also intending to change the hardware, at least on the drawers. They are cheap 90s pulls. The ones on the bottom are original though, so I might keep those and try and get something that looks like it is original for the others.

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I'm not a BM color guru like others... but in looking at the BM website I'd be thinking something along the lines of dill weed or sherwood green. A muted green but something that will pick up the green in the stained glass (on the cherry blossoms buds?) and the chairs, and something that will go great with the gold.

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